Trending: What’s multi-masking and how to master it

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By Gwen Ong

Trending: What’s multi-masking and how to master it

Just like shoes, a girl can never have too many types of masks. The current growing trend in the world of beauty and a must-try in our book is multi-masking. The logic is that not all areas of your skin are equal – the different zones of your face will have different sort of needs. Hence, the idea behind multi-masking.

Think of it as the flexibility to use a variety of masks all at once to address specific or different skin issues. For example, the areas under the eyes and cheeks tend to be drier, so slather on a hydrating mask here. And to draw out impurities in the pores around the nose or chin, use a clay mask. To rejuvenate fatigue or tired-looking skin, always go for vitamin-infused or calming masks. Don’t forget the eyes and lips while you’re at it – there are a number of hydrogel patches you can use to care for these delicate areas.


To master the skin-loving trend, here are some tips to keep in mind and 10 face masks to get you on the multi-masking trainwagon:

Post shower masking is the best as the steam helps open up pores to receive a bountiful of treatment benefits. Better still if you also do a quick exfoliation while in the shower to remove dead skin cells before multi-masking.

Map out the mask treatment(s) by assessing your skin condition first and identifying what types of mask you need. Pro tip—apply masks to areas that need longer attention first before putting on shorter contact ones later.

Layer if you need to. Go with the T-zone first then the sides of your nose and cheeks, then use a jelly mask over the whole face to hold your treatment in. After masking, massage to get the blood flowing and increase absorption.

Don’t overmask. While it’s ok to layer, use no more than two types of masks on one area to minimise irritation. Also, keep multi-masking to just once per week with up to a maximum of four different masks at one time.

{insert gallery tpl=”slide-freesize.tpl” id=”Multi-Masking Face Masks” rid=”5223″ order=”a_tstamp”}

1) Skin Inc Multi-Masking Bento Set, RM142 (a set of three)

2) Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask, RM305 (100ml)

3) Blithe Patting Splash Mask Rejuvenating Purple Berry, RM159 (200ml)

4) Dr Jart Mask Spot Jet Neck & Chin Lift, RM52 (a set of two)

5) Huxley Healing Mask, RM98 (100ml)

6) Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask, RM145 (25ml)

7) Caolion Pore Restoring Sheet Mask, RM165 (a set of six)

8) For Beloved Girl Oil Control Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask, RM48 (a set of three)

9) Pixi Glow Mud Mask, RM71 (40ml)

10) Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask, RM39 (70ml)


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