SK-II’s festive ‘Wings of Change’ sets will send you soaring

Embark on your #ChangeDestiny journey


By Renyi Lim

SK-II’s festive ‘Wings of Change’ sets will send you soaring

For boldness… 

A pampering treat for a courageous woman who always puts others first, this limited edition bottle of Facial Treatment Essence comes adorned with red butterflies, representing the power to take the first step of a transformative journey. The SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion is its perfect partner in a heartwarming set that encourages each woman to step out with confidence.

For encouragement… 

Show your appreciation to someone whose unconditional support has been essential to your journey through life. A pattern of pink butterflies symbolises love, affection and trust in this all-encompassing set, which also features SK-II goodies such as their Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, two Facial Treatment Essence Masks, and an assortment of miniature SK-II products. After all, it’s the little things that count.

For perseverance… 

Dynamic blue hummingbirds grace a set created specially for the woman who’s always in relentless pursuit of her dreams. Travel-mad wanders who are constantly on the go can coax their skin out of dehydration and flight fatigue blues with handbag-sized amenities like the Auractivator Cream and Cellumination Mask in Lotion, alongside the equally iconic Cellumination Aura Essence.

For him… 

The man who works smart by opting for quality grooming products that can be applied in double-quick time is guaranteed to slip into a merry mood once he gets his hands on this set. An SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence bottle and the SK-II MEN Age Revitalize Moisturiser will make his holiday, if not the whole of next year too.

These and more SK-II ‘Wings of Change’ sets available at all SK-II counters from 15th October.

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