#BuroBrides: Pro wedding beauty tips every bride-to-be needs to know

Bridal beauty 101


By Wei Yeen Loh

#BuroBrides: Pro wedding beauty tips every bride-to-be needs to know

Got burgeoning questions related to bridal makeup you’ve always wanted to ask a pro? Whether it’s lash extensions for a wedding look to beauty faux pas for brides-to-be, we got the lowdown from self-taught makeup artist Ummi Nasir on everything you need to know when it comes to bridal beauty. Scroll down to find out the most important questions you ought to be asking your makeup artist before your big day:

What are the most important questions that brides should ask any makeup artist before their wedding?

Every bride is different — some have sensitive, dry or acne-prone skin while others are blessed with healthy, glowing skin. It’s always important to ask your makeup artist for her portfolio so you can go through her past work and to find out if it suits your style. In addition to that, ask them about their rates, whether they are able to travel to your wedding venue (not forgetting to discuss travel expenses if applicable) and what products they will be using on that day.

I have had some brides who have sensitive skin and are allergic to certain products, so it’s really essential to communicate from the get-go with your makeup artist.

What are some beauty tricks you use to make sure the bridal makeup stays all day long, and are sweat-proof and tear-proof?

I think the most imperative goal for us bridal makeup artists is to ensure that the bridal makeup stays all day long! For me, the makeup baseis the most important part of the look. A beautiful base goes a long way to make sure brides’ makeup last throughout the day.

I keep it light (one to two layers would suffice) when applying full coverage foundations. With our humid climate, it is better to have a light and subtle complexion instead of a thick base that will crack two to three hours post-application. For my brides, my personal go-to products are NARS Longwear Foundation and Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation.

How do you go about recommending a look to a bride who isn’t sure of what makeup she wants for her wedding?

To be honest, most of the brides I’ve worked with know exactly what they want when they approach me (laughs). Thanks to social media, Pinterest and beauty websites, they mostly have an idea of their perfect bridal makeup look.

For brides who are not sure of what makeup to go for during her wedding, I always suggest a bronzed, natural look with subtle contouring and highlight, along with a nude, coral or light pink lip colour. I think it is perfect for brides who want to look demure yet classy on their wedding day. Plus, this look is timeless — you’d want to gloss through your wedding album in the next 20 years and still be in love with your makeup as you did on your wedding day.




What are some of the more popular bridal makeup looks lately? Is the all-natural look still popular, or is there a trend right now?

The all-natural look is definitely still popular. It’s an evergreen look and to me, it is important to look like the most beautiful version of yourself on your big day, instead of someone else with exaggerated, overdone makeup.

I would suggest bold eyes if your wedding look incorporates a songket or more glamorous evening gown, but it needs to be balanced out with light makeup for the rest of your face. This is so that you won’t look overdone, but still look beautiful, classy and elegant on your big day.

What is the most important beauty advice you can give a bride-to-be?

Keep hydrating! This goes for brides-to-be who are planning their wedding from months before. Drinking a lot of water works wonders for your skin. Also, do schedule monthly professional facials with your beautician to remove all impurities from your pores, boost hydration and  to stimulate blood circulation.

Don’t forget to take good care of your skin on a daily basis — remember to wear sunscreen (SPF 50+) everyday to avoid dullness to your skin. If you are busy and can’t find time for facials, I find that it helps to deep cleanse your face with a hydrating mask twice a week. My current favourite is Fresh’s Hydrating Rose Mask.

What is one memorable bridal look of yours?

This happened last year, and my bride had a severe acne breakout on her big day. She had a tad too many facial treatments near to her wedding, and unfortunately her skin started reacting against it. It is advisable for brides-to-be to refrain from indulging in facials a month before your big day, just in case your skin needs recovery from the treatment. As a makeup artist, I always try my best to enhance your best features so I was actually quite happy that we managed to cover her scars. In the end, she looked amazingly radiant on her big day. 

What are your go-to makeup products to achieve that glowing, highlighted complexion that all your brides have?

I always start with a good base, along with a hydrating and glow primer on my brides. My favourite is the Radiance Foundation Primer from Laura Mercier — it creates a smooth, flawless canvas before applying foundation. For beautifully highlighted complexion, I use the Pro Light Fusion Highlighter from Make Up For Ever. It has a creamy gel-powder texture that naturally enhances your features for that luminous glow.

Do you usually offer a trial run for your brides before their big day? Is this something you would recommend brides-to-be?

I will only give a trial run upon request. Usually, they will go through my makeup portfolio and tell me which look they prefer and I will give them advice accordingly (whether it suits their features, style, and overall theme). But for other makeup artists, it is advisable to book a trial run with them to determine if the look you want for your wedding suits you or otherwise.

Also, do share with them if you have any skin sensitivities, products that suit your skin best etc. You may have to adjust your budget slightly because there will be some charges incurred for the trial look, but I think the cost is justified as it is your big day after all, and you would want everything to be perfect.




Lash extensions vs false eyelashes — what are your thoughts on both for a wedding look? 

Eyelashes are pretty much one of the most important elements of a bridal makeup look. Feathery eyelashes are still a trend now and I think it complements Asian eyes (whether hooded or round) the best as it makes the eyes stand out. I prefer my brides to wear false eyelashes instead of lash extensions.

One, because it is easier for the makeup artist to apply your eye makeup. Two, false lashes have more customisable options to choose from. I can customise lashes either with one strip of false lashes or individual lashes for a natural fluttery look. But for brides who are not comfortable with false lashes, I will usually apply three to four coats of mascara for that eye-opening effect. 

What are some of the beauty faux pas that brides should never commit when it comes to their bridal look? 

Some brides tend to follow trends a little too much without considering if the trend will suit their look. An example is the makeup look inspired by K-pop idols (this was when the K-pop wave hit Malaysia years ago). Some of my brides had requested for Korean-inspired makeup, which didn’t really suit their features. Again, my advice is to go for natural, glowing makeup that enhances your beauty, and is a classic look that you’d want to wear even on your 20th wedding anniversary.


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