Bulgari’s new fragrance is made for the daring, feminine girl who loves her pink

Dare to be you


By Wei Yeen Loh

Bulgari’s new fragrance is made for the daring, feminine girl who loves her pink

Bulgari launches a new fragrance that speaks out to the daring, bold women who love nothing more than a scent to express themselves. The new Omnia Pink Sapphire was inspired by its namesake — the pink, precious gemstone that is multi-faceted and bright. Master perfumer Alberto Morillas intended for this sparkling fragrance to represent all things festive and exuberance, as a reminder to embrace the unknown fearlessly. “It is the fragrance of dream and escape,” he says.

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A whimsical scent that’s a far cry from its predecessors, the Omnia Pink Sapphire is made of bouquet of vibrant notes that are joyful as they are exotic. The fragrance opens with sparkling pink pomelo and pink pepper notes, a fresh yet zesty combination that packs a punch with spicy, floral and citrus aromas, while a floral heart made of velvety frangipani and wild tiara flower whisks us away to an island vacation in Tahiti and Polynesia. The essence of these exotic blooms has been captured via a technique known as “Headspace“, the art of absorbing the flower’s fragrance using a neutral gas while leaving the flower intact — a unique process that allows the perfumer to reconstruct the scent from other raw materials. Lastly, a musky, heady finish is the perfect dry down to the Omnia Pink Sapphire, with elegant white musks and vibrant wood that lend a slightly powdery base.

Below, watch Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire’s three daring ambassadors embody the fragrance’s spirit in the new film campaign: 

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