7 Books every beauty junkie should own

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By Wei Yeen Loh

7 Books every beauty junkie should own

You can never learn enough in your lifetime, and it’s true even with beauty tricks and tips passed down from one brilliant makeup artist to another. Here’s our edit of books and future releases that are worthy of every beauty lover’s collection:

1. Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown 

One great thing about Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual is that it’s informational and useful for both aspiring and advanced makeup users and gurus. From handy tips from established makeup artists to a guide to starting out in the makeup industry as a professional, this is a must-have for anyone who’s interested in cosmetics and a fan of the makeup maestro herself. 


2. Pretty Powerful by Bobbi Brown 

After you’re finished with the fore-mentioned book, this book ought to be next in your reading list for many good reasons. Highlighting the importance of both inner and outer beauty through interviews with real-life women, celebrities and athletes, Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful is a thought-provoking guidebook on beauty secrets for women of any age, skin colour and beauty type. 


3. The French Beauty Solution by Mathilde Thomas 

It’s no secret that French women exude an effortless, timeless look that incorporates minimal makeup. Find out how to achieve that in Caudalie founder, Mathilde Thomas’s The French Beauty Solution—filled with skincare essentials and solutions, featuring all-natural, DIY beauty guides peppered with savoir faire and scientific research.


4. The Little Book of Skincare by Charlotte Cho

Founder of  Soko Glam, a US-based Korean beauty and lifestyle website, Charlotte Cho divulges in the world-renowned skincare secrets of Korean women (specifically the ten-step skincare routine) with step-by-step tutorials to achieve crystal clear and radiant glowing skin. Expect a truckload of beauty secrets in this The Little Book of Skincare from beauty gurus around the world—from YouTube makeup artists and magazine editors to Korean skincare experts.


5. Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese

Burlesque superstar and perpetually perfectly-made-up fashion icon Dita Von Teese spills her secrets on how you can achieve your very own beauty mark in this 400-page book (pre-orders available here) laden with skincare, nutrition and exercise guidance, along with techniques to create Hollywood-worthy hairstyles and makeup looks. Don’t expect cookie-cutter advice from Your Beauty Mark, as Von Teese is one to advocate for and embrace individuality and breaking conventional beauty rules. Your Beauty Mark will be available in December. 


6. The Couture Book of Braids by Kérastase

If you’re constantly getting #BraidEnvy thanks to Pinterest and Instagram braid experts and can’t seem to execute the perfect waterfall braid of your liking, Kérastase’s ebook—The Couture Book of Braids is the nifty guidebook on nailing that pretty fishtail braid for Sunday brunch and even a glamorous Greek-goddess braided ‘headband’ updo for a wedding party.

7. Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

Famous for her work with Cindy Crawford along with an abundance of international magazine titles, acclaimed British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge’s upcoming book, Face Paint—available October 13—is as informational as it is beautifully glossy. Covering a wide range of topics from makeup’s extensive history through the ages to cosmetics breakthroughs, this deserves a winning spot on your bookshelf (and bedside table) for an educational kickstart on the purpose and impact of makeup.

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