5 Ways to get rid of hangover face after a rough night out

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By Buro Malaysia

5 Ways to get rid of hangover face after a rough night out

Whether you’re sporting a festive bloat or an alcoholic ‘glow’ this CNY, check out these tips to revive your skin to its former glory.

Chances are you’ve been overindulging since the start of the festive season started…last year. Who can blame you when there has been a constant rotation of turkey, then seafood, then soon-to-be pineapple tarts, love letters and more on the table? Not to mention the mix of champagne, lager and spirits you’ve been necking down at your family ‘dos too.

As a result, we suspect you’ve been waking up feeling shoddy and looking about the same. Your skin is blotchy and your eyes are puffed so far out you can barely see. You might even feel dehydrated. Believe it or not, this is your first step to recovery. Your body has begun the motion to flush out the offending substances from your system. It’s a holiday miracle! There’s just one issue. There’s another party tonight and you need to sort out your face—ASAP. What do you do? Don’t fret—instead, consult our guide to hangover skincare below:


Step 1: Keep it clean

It is tempting to skip a step or two in your skincare routine when you’ve got a raging headache afoot. “There’s no time”, “Skipping today won’t do any harm”, “I am deceased”—you can try to justify it all you like, but really, your skin needs the TLC now more than ever. On top of a cleanse and tone (AKA the bare minimum), do exfoliate and mask up, too. The former will help to wake up the skin and bring your natural glow back, while the latter can clarify, tighten, and hydrate, depending on what you choose to use.

Step 2: Massage your face

According to experts, the key to reducing puffiness is to do a facial massage as this helps to boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. So, go on—get handsy with your mug! Don’t forget your neck too—start with the lymph nodes directly under your ears and then move down to the stem and base. Better yet, supercharge your gua sha routine with a microcurrent toning device.

Step 3: De-puff your eyes

After the night you’ve had, the windows to your soul are probably boarded up and cordoned off right about now. You see, a tell-tale sign that you’ve either had too much to drink or that you didn’t get enough sleep last night shoes through your tired, puffy eyes. Get rid of your ghastly panda eyes with a home remedy of tea bags (low-key, it’s a great way to repurpose the tea bags you’ll go through during this CNY season). The caffeine in the tea will work its de-puffing magic. But if you’re pressed for time (or you’re not sold on the idea of sticking tea bags on your face), reaching for a good eye cream will help you to help you mitigate the exhaustion a little.

Step 4: Level up on hydration

Hungover equals dehydration, and—surprise, surprise—this is bad news for your skin. Dullness, enlarged pores, broken capillaries, and blemishes are just the beginning… yikes. While you load up on H2O for your body, help your skin along with a hydrating moisturiser. You’re looking for hydration, so keep an eye out for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, and glycerin. Better yet, double down with brightening ingredients like vitamin C to bring the radiance back into your skin while you’re at it!

Step 5: Mist and go

Last night may have been a certified mistake, but it’s not too late to undo the damage (at least with regard to your skin—unfortunately, your reputation is still in shambles). A steady stream of facial mists is all you’ll need to restore the youthful plumpness of your skin. Facial mists are your best friend for a quick pick-me-up throughout the day and beyond. Keep one handy in your bag at all times. In addition to offering on-the-go hydration, it can help prep your skin and set it before and after makeup.

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