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Why Meghan Markle’s post-baby bump is an inspiration to all mothers out there


By Wei Yeen Loh

Why Meghan Markle’s post-baby bump is an inspiration to all mothers out there

If you thought that celebs were of another league and did not go through the same trials and tribulations as us regular folk, Meghan Markle will change your mind. Just last night, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their firstborn Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (more on his riveting name here) to the world, and despite their elated grins while showing off their bundle of joy to the paps, it was evident that the Duchess wanted to make a statement with her post-partum look.

Decked in a trench dress designed by Vogue Fashion Fund prize winner, Grace Wales Bonner, the Duchess looked every bit the new mum—a little fatigued, absolutely glowing, beaming with joy, yet proudly showing off her her postpartum bump (clinched with her trench belt, of course).

Fun fact: a woman’s belly does not bounce back to the pre-pregnancy size right after childbirth. While the uterus will contract each day after delivery, its initial size after childbirth is largely that of a grapefruit. In short, the belly will gradually return to its “regular” size anywhere between a month to six weeks. For some, this might not occur as easily or naturally. A medical condition termed diastasis recti, referring to the separation of the abdominal muscles, commonly occurs to women over 35 when pregnant or if they’re carrying twins, triplets or more. This condition results in a bulging post-pregnancy belly that doesn’t go away even a year after giving birth.



Based on the steady stream of comments on the Instagram post above, the Duchess’ decision to flaunt her bump was lauded by many. “I absolutely love that she did woman kind a favor by showing off her postpartum body #shejusthadababyandlooksawesome #postpartumforthewin,” wrote one person.

Other celebrity mums who were candid about their bodies include Hilaria Baldwin—whose yoga vids are an inspiration to all women (especially mothers!) out there, Jessie James Decker, Chrissy Teigen—who proudly showed off her stretch marks on Twitter while she was on a family vacation in Bali.

What are your thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex’s first public appearance as a new mum?


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