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I tried a RM2,000-skincare range for the vulva area — was it worth every cent?


By Wei Yeen Loh

I tried a RM2,000-skincare range for the vulva area — was it worth every cent?

I know what you’re thinking: “Do I need to splurge the same amount of dough on my hoo-ha as I would on my face?”

While we don’t have a direct yes/no answer to that question, you’d be surprised at how many people are taking intimate care very seriously—and that there’s no such thing as spending too much on your lady parts.

A recent interview with Founder of Strip and Two L(i)ps Cynthia Chua shed light on the importance of intimate care and how women are taking self-care by the reins by redefining what it means to ‘love thyself’. “It’s about self-love, self-care and a positive body culture, offering a more holistic way to look after ourselves from head to toe,” says Chua.

Whether a transient beauty fad or a symbolic evolution of an upper-class working woman’s spending habits (now vs 50 years ago), there’s no stopping the luxury self-care train while it’s hot on the heels of our wallets.

But therein lies the real question:

What can this vulva care range do for my nether regions, that my regular body wash (or intimate wash) can’t?

First things first: it’s important to note that your vulva is not your vagina. “The vagina is the internal muscular canal of the female sexual anatomy, while the vulva is the external part of the female sexual anatomy which includes the skin of the pubic area,” says Chua.

Another fact: the vagina self-cleans, the vulva doesn’t. The vulva area has to be cleaned regularly because oil and skin buildup can accumulate in the folds; also, you can’t merely use any body wash on it either as the skin there is highly sensitive.

Here is where Two L(i)ps comes in. The luxury intimate care range offers everything from antioxidant-rich creams to sebum-control serums—what you’ll find from a regular skincare line. As if that doesn’t spell luxe enough, there’s even a sheet mask that you can pamper your vag with on #SelfCareSundays. If there was a Most Extra Award when it comes to such love-thyself-rituals, I’d say that an activated charcoal mask for the vulva would be it.

What to note about Two L(i)ps’ intimate care range: 

  • All products are free of sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals
  • Made for the most sensitive skin, and works great for the face as well
  • Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested

I put the Anniversary Set to the test late last year. This lineup comprises serums including Bumpps, Pout, and Diamond; anti-blemish cream Undercover, and vulva mask Blackout. After a couple of months of regular usage, here’s my unfiltered opinion on whether it can truly transform your folds from vege-like to va-va-vag.

First thoughts:

Not gonna lie—the products are well-designed and made to be used easily. The bottles come with a twist lid to prevent spillage, and one to two pumps are all you really need for an adequate amount of product.

I liked that it had zero fragrance (most smelled herbal) and that it absorbed into my skin really quickly. None of it left an oily texture on my inner thighs or lady parts, which I was glad for as some skincare products can be a tad rich for the skin.

Will it irritate my skin?

Yes, if you don’t follow the instructions on the label.

For the most part, it didn’t irritate my skin—note that I only applied specific products on specific regions as instructed on the label.

Don’t live life on the edge (of your panties) by using them on open wounds, infected or even sunburnt skin. It’s not going to work and you will only get yourself an inflamed vulva, which is not a pretty look.

Did it work?

Was I expecting my lady bits to resemble a young flower with petals unfurling?

Well, maybe. While I admit that is a stretch, the Bumpps serum did work wonders in preventing small bumps from recurring on my skin (thanks to chamomile and tea tree leaf oil in the formula), especially after my monthly bikini waxing sessions.

My personal favourites were Pout and Diamond. The former is made of 95% pure Hyaluronic Acid and helped with reducing dryness, while the latter has water-soluble Vitamin C to brighten dull skin.

Key changes include: a lighter skin appearance around my inner thighs and even on the area above my gluteal region aka butt, where I’ve had slight acne scarring.

While the Blackout mask needed some figuring out—just wing it, really—it was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience to sit lie back and relax while getting masked, albeit, down south.

Final thoughts:

8/10 for the serums and cream. The before-and-after results following a couple of months of usage were evident. I think the formulas work beautifully for the face as well, if you’re looking for something that can truly pack a punch.

5/10 for the mask. Only for the novel experience, really.

Would you catch me in queue to score this entire range? Nah. I mean, it will set you back at a cool SGD$700 (approximately RM2,083), for anyone who’s interested. That said, I would definitely consider the serums for a legit glow for both my face and fanny.

Two L(i)ps is available online and at Strip outlets nationwide.

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