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This cellulite treatment tightens you up in 15 minutes flat


By Redzhanna Jazmin

This cellulite treatment tightens you up in 15 minutes flat

Cellulite refers to the lumpy, dimpled flesh on the arms, tummy, thighs, hips, and buttocks. It’s harmless and super common, but as far as aesthetics go, it can be a bit of a pain (for some of us). That said, don’t let it stop you from throwing on your bikini bottoms or going on your big beach getaway—like we said, cellulite is super common and completely normal. It’s 2020, people—no one has a ‘perfect body’!

However, if cellulite is a particular point of insecurity for you, there are a few ways to reduce its appearance drastically. We spoke to body contouring specialist Josh Chua from The Clique Clinic to get the low down behind the causes underlying the skin condition, debunked some myths, and learned a little more about their newest (and most effective) cellulite treatment.

What causes cellulite?

“It’s just how we’re built, unfortunately. The formation of cellulite, also known as the ‘humps’ and dimples in the fatty tissue, is caused by uneven fat distribution and too much ‘out-of-shape’ fibrotic tissue. Basically, your fatty tissue is not arranged in a uniform manner. There’s a lot of difficulty in finding ways to prevent it because it happens in most people.”

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Is cellulite more common in some demographics than others?

“The prevalence of cellulite is high. Even skinny ladies and men are prone to it, but it is more commonly seen in women. [It’s] maybe attributed to hormonal causes—you see, women tend to accumulate more fat than men. This is how we’re formed biologically, because women need to conceive. So, all the female hormones play a big part in the formation of cellulite.”

Does cellulite increase with age?

“Yes, definitely, it will! Ask any women out there and 9 out of 10 will tell you that they have cellulite. Unless, of course, your skin is naturally genetically perfect and tight. There are people like that, but not many.”

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What are some of the myths surrounding cellulite?

“Patients often think a one-off treatment gets rid of cellulite forever; they think that once it’s gone, it’s gone. Unfortunately, that is not the case—skin is a living thing, and it constantly changes. It isn’t going to be the same 5–10 years down the road, or even one year down the road!

“When you’re younger, your skin is tighter. As you age, the laxity in your skin increases, and you get more formation of loose skin. Plus, hormones play a big part in the formation of cellulite, which is a more difficult thing to control. Unless you’re undergoing hormonal therapies, you’re likely to get cellulite again. What everyone needs to keep in mind is that on top of the cellulite treatments, you need to be leading a healthy, active lifestyle.”

How does the BTL Emtone treatment work?

“Emtone is a very special device. We just got it around two to three months ago and it targets cellulite and has been indicated by the FDA as a cellulite treatment. But another part that is so great about the Emtone treatment is the tightening effect it gives.

“This is the only device that delivers two functions simultaneously by using: 1) Acoustic waves to shock the tissues and increase cellular activities, increase blood circulation and increase lymphatic drainage so you can flush out and metabolise dead cells better, 2) Radiofrequency (RF), which helps to tighten skin, and to a certain extent, increase lipolysis (getting rid of fat in certain areas). When you have these two functions happening at the same time, the results are going to be phenomenal!

Emtone Cellulite Treatment

“I’ve personally tried it out, and despite being a skinny man, I have loose skin problems. If you have skin that isn’t taut, no matter how much you want to get definition in your tummy, there are certain limitations. Your skin covers your rectus abdominus—it prevents your abdominal muscles from being seen.

“This treatment helps to tighten the skin better and allows your muscles to be more protruded as it thickens the dermal layer of your skin by tightening your skin. Of course, you have to have a certain base of abdominal muscles—you need to work out and make it happen, but this is to help you to see the results of your work better.”

How long does the treatment take?

“The treatment is about 15 minutes, but it takes four to six treatments to see results. The treatment course means that you’ll come in once a week and once you finish the sessions you can continue with your lifestyle.”

Is there any downtime?

“No. The only thing we have to check is that your hydration levels are good before we do the treatment as it involves radiofrequency, and we don’t want to burn the skin. We will measure you and your water levels before and after the treatment.”

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What other treatments are available, aside from the BTL Emtone?

“We used to have other treatments before Emtone—another acoustic wave treatment also from BTL called the X Waves, but it didn’t come with RF. So, this is a machine that marries two good things together. It works by breaking down and softening tissues, increasing lymphatic drainage and blood circulation before using warm sculpting (laser lipolysis). This is followed by another round of X Waves. It can be quite painful because of the heat, especially on areas of the skin that are thinner. With Emtone, there is less discomfort.”

Do cellulite creams actually work?

“We always say ‘You can try, but when you give up, you can come back and see us’!”

Trying out the BTL Emtone for size…

Note: Wear fewer layers for this treatment! You will get pretty warm. Plus, if your skin is sensitive you may find the heat a little much at points. No worries, though—you’ll be able to take a breather during the treatment until you’re ready again.

“Personally, I don’t have much cellulite at all—the only real ‘problem area’ is just under my butt, where there’s some puckering and looseness, but as a whole, it doesn’t really bother me. However, I was curious about this miracle machine, so I gave the tightening treatment a go, just to get a gist of how it felt.

“Honestly? I liked it. Three words I’d use to describe it is a) warm, b) quick and c) comfortable. It was pretty much like getting a massage—albeit, a really weird massage, that only targets your butt (in my case). It starts pretty easy, with the intensity amped up gradually as the session goes on. Basically, what you’ll feel is your problem area being ‘tapped’ repeatedly (it’s not a physical tap, it’s just the way the mechanics of the RF and acoustic waves interact with your body), and you’ll feel the area getting warmer and warmer gradually as the RF fires up.

“Other than that, it was a really comfortable experience as a whole. I even almost dozed off at one point! All in all, definitely one of the more ‘out-there’ experiences but not as weird as the BTL Emsella treatment… but that was a whole ‘nother ball game.” – Redzhanna Jazmin, Editorial Assistant

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