When the watchmaking and culinary worlds collide in Panerai Traits

When the watchmaking and culinary worlds collide in Panerai Traits


Text: Su Fen Tan

Image: Panerai

Find out what Osteria Francescana’s founder and chef, Massimo Bottura's secret ingredient to success is in the fourth chapter of Panerai Traits

There is a thin line between tradition and innovation, and this is where Massimo Bottura, founder and chef of three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana, threads on. This delicate yet masterful take on innovation is shared by Panerai, where cutting-edge technologies are grounded by the finest watchmaking traditions and distinctive designs. 

"Look at the past in a critical way, not nostalgically.To innovate, it is necessary to take the best of the past and carry it forward into the future"  — Chef Bottura

Having been at the forefront of gastronomy innovation for over 20 years, Chef Bottura is well-known as one of the world's most creative figures. His dedication to the reinvention of traditional Italian cuisine has taken his restaurant to the top of the culinary industry—Osteria Francescana was named Number 1 on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2016. 

In this closing chapter of Panerai Traits, Chef Bottura takes us through the streets of Modena and into his restaurant, where he unveils his signature dish. On his wrist is the Tuttonero - Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT Automatic Ceramica, a timepiece that perfectly reflects his motto "tradition in evolution".  

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