Get to know Aikon: The new iconic timepiece by Maurice Lacroix

Get to know Aikon: The new iconic timepiece by Maurice Lacroix


Text: Su Fen Tan

Inspired by a classic, the Aikon aptly takes its place as Maurice Lacroix’s iconic timepiece of today

There was a time when the Calypso reigned supreme. First making its mark in 1990, the iconic quartz timepiece was highly recognisable for its unique design, and graced the wrists of many watch lovers—it was Maurice Lacroix's most successful collection ever.


And this year, 13 years after the legendary Calypso ceased production, a new icon emerges: the Aikon. An exquisite blend of quality and a sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic, the new timepiece takes its place high up the ranks in Maurice Lacroix's repertoire of progressive creations. Housed in a classic round case, the Aikon has a unique bezel, with six distinctive 'arms' serving as a signature design feature for the timepiece. The arms represent a harmonious contrast: on one hand they signify strength and robustness, yet at the same time forming the visual of a caring embrace on the dial.


The Aikon is available in three models: the Aikon Ladies (35mm), the Aikon Gents (42mm) and the Aikon Chronograph (44mm). While all three share key design elements, there are subtle differences that makes each an iconic watch in its own right. The Aikon gents' models assert bolder characters with sharp, assertive lines. On the other hand, the ladies model brings elegance to the table with smooth, gentle curves. 

We speak to Stephane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, to gather his thoughts on the new iconic timepiece:

What are the values or qualities embodied by Maurice Lacroix?

In terms of products, for the brand, the qualities are: iconic design, craftsmanship and high perceived value. In terms of values, it is about success, as a journey, not a destination. This way, we know that success is not built in one day and might have some ups and downs.


Are these the same values or qualities that you look for when selecting a personality or brand to partner with?

Yes, definitely. We are not looking for established personalities but rather for people who have a story to be told, who took their own path at some point because they believed in what they were/are doing.


How has 2016 been so far for Maurice Lacroix?

As for most of the watchmaking industry, 2016 is a challenging year but with the launch of our Aikon collection, we see positive signs for the second part of the year and we have strong believes the brand is going in the right direction.


Let's talk about the Aikon watch. What makes it an iconic timepiece?

Whereas our Pontos range is our iconic product in terms of mechanical watches, Aikon is meant to become our flagship quartz piece. It has the same qualities, as above mentioned, of iconic design, craftsmanship and high perceived value.


How is Aikon different from Maurice Lacroix's last iconic watch, the Calypso?

The success of the Calypso laid in the fact that it was an iconic design easily recognizable. But over the years, the design lost its essence. With the Aikon, Maurice Lacroix decided to make a contemporary design, yet iconic, but was submitted to consumers' panels before it was actually launched. This way, we show that we do care about our customers inputs in order to create and commercialise the right piece for our target audience.


Which is your Aikon model of choice (Aikon Gents 42mm or Aikon Chronograph 44mm) and why?

Personally, I have been wearing the Aikon Chronograph since before its presentation to the public back in March. It is a highly qualitative and precise Swiss made quartz watch, in a size that fits my wrist. I like the fact that it is very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, no matter if in a casual or business attire. The general feedback I get is that the quality is astonishing, the design very luxurious and fresh.


Take a look at the Aikon on Maurice Lacroix's website here.


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