Introducing Cartier’s Paris Nouvelle Vague collection

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Introducing Cartier’s Paris Nouvelle Vague collection
Inspired by the creative aura of Paris, Cartier discloses its latest collection with three distinctive themes based on the city of love

Enchanted by its indulgent delights, flair for style and bustling nights, Cartier looks to Paris to invigorate an exquisite range of jewellery. Uniting hard, fine and precious stones, the collection masters its expertise of volume, varnish and voluptuousness with pure style. With actress, model and socialite, Bianca Brandolini as the face of this campaign, Cartier captures the spirit of Paris through its three core themes.  

Exquisite Delights

Reflecting Paris' delectable confectionary, the collection succumbs to the temptation of long necklaces of spinels, morganite and pearls, swirling like Chantilly cream, as well as curved rings topped with sorbets of chrysoprase, black jade and chalcedony in a cornet of gadrooned gold. To satisfy the appetite of the Parisian woman, Nouvelle Vague offers an exquisite array of pendants and rings glazed with cabochons of turquoise, moonstone, chalcedony, lapis-lazuli and aquamarine. 

A Winding City Stroll 

Inspired by the padlocks on Pont des Arts, the collection features a gold chain necklace laced with tourmalines, amethysts, spinels and aquamarines.  Along the river Seine, the collection echoes its ripples by presenting a wave of vibrantly modern bracelets of black lacquer and diamonds. Further down the bank, the jewellery progresses into the intricate structures of latticed gold to mimic the arches and baroque open work of metal domes. Within the interior of the monumental rings and bracelets, Cartier's cult colour — red lines the pieces with a sophisticated air of secrecy. 

Paris by Night

To mirror the nocturnal hours of the city, Cartier highlights the vivacious energy and movements that come to life through a rustling selection of rings, necklaces and earrings. Entwined with sparkling links of gold beads and diamonds, this segment of the Nouvelle Vague collection dazzles with lavishness.  Moreover the designs take the form of a quintessential Paris ball, comprising of fiery opals, emeralds, tsavorites, diamonds, yellow and pink sapphires, as well as lapis-lazuli. To further symbolise the vitality of Paris' nightlife, the stones dynamically vibrate to reveal their carefree nature, radiating light and glitter in infinite reflections. 

The collection will be available at Cartier KLCC from September 2015. 

Amanda Ong

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