Which Corum collection best suits your watch personality?

Which Corum collection best suits your watch personality?

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Text: Stephanie Boey

From the traditionalist to the ultra sporty, avant garde and hypebeast, which watch personality suits you best?

You can tell a lot about a person just by taking a glance at their preferred timepiece. Do they prefer analog or digital? Sporty or elegant? Leather strap or with a metal bracelet? A watch isn't just a watch; like the clothes we put on our back and the shoes we slip into, it is very much an extension of our style and personality.

Take the the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland for example, who went with the classic pocket watch as he rushed to his next appointments or Back to the Future's Doc Brown who had a watch on each wrist as he juggled between timelines. Corum's selection of fine watches has a timepiece for everybody. Need a helping hand on which style fits you best? Keep scrolling for our guide.

You're really into boats: The Admiral collection

Birthed to complement luxury offshore boating, the Corum Admirals is the benchmark series for the Swiss brand. Following the first Admiral's Cup race in 1957, Corum's interpretation which followed 3 years later has sealed its place among sailing enthusiasts. Today, the current series is known for their dodecagon (12-sided) case design and brightly coloured nautical pennants that adorn the bezel.


You love the finer things in life: The Golden Bridge collection

Introduced in 1980, the Golden Bridge is highly regarded as the quintessential timepiece by Corum. The Swiss brand considers this as their "avant-garde watch" due to its movement placed in the centre of a transparent sapphire crystal case. Dreamed by independent watchmaker Vincent Calabrese, the fully transparent case houses a sleek a linear movement-one could spend hours mesmerised by its technical marvel. Not to mention the finest materials used such as 18-karat white gold as well as 18-karat rose gold, and finally, full-cut diamonds.


You believe in tradition: The Heritage collection

Each model in this series fully incorporates the history of Corum, specially made for the highest afficonados and watch collectors in mind. The latest Heritage Corum Lab 01 series is the brand's "contemporary ode to ancient metallurgy". The juxtaposition of its modern and futuristic exterior into the Heritage line establishes a connection between the past and the future. Constructed with Damascus steel, the material is also a nod to time's past as it is an allow that was once favoured by sword makers.


You're a hypebeast: The Bubble collection

Known as the brand's more trend-driven watches, the Bubble collection houses a wide array of fun and quirky designs, filled with colour and personality. From its name, the signature domed sapphire crystal case sets the perfect frame for the eye-catching face designs. Take your pick from timeless classics to modern art!