Ili Sulaiman

Ili Sulaiman

Name: Ili Sulaiman

Occupation: Chef, TV Host, Foodpreneur 

Industry: F&B

How she got started: First came food delivery service Dish by Ili and next came along one of the winning titles of the Asian Food Channel's Food Hero Asia 2015. Everything since then has been a whirlwind of sweet successes and ventures. 

Notable achievements: A self-taught cook with a degree in business, Dish by Ili's tiffin concept matched with endearing home cooked food was one of the main reasons for the take-off of her business. That was just the beginning. Besides being one of the two winners of the Asian Food Channel's Food Hero Asia 2015, Ili has gone on to host food and cooking shows on the channel as well as co-found Agak Agak, a restaurant cum social initiative which was modelled after Jamie Oliver's Fifteen. 

What is she up to now: We hear Ili and partner-in-crime Basira Yeusuff have some exciting plans for Agak Agak and you can find out more here.