Cheryl Yeoh

Cheryl Yeoh

Name: Cheryl Yeoh

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Industry: Tech, Startups

How she got started: After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering in the United States, she stayed on in New York to begin her working life. Soon she launched CityPockets, a digital wallet which includes a marketplace for daily deals, before moving to Mountain View where she released Reclip.It, a personalised shopping list app. Though it enjoyed success, she soon sold the app and focused on her career in the Silicon Valley until she was headhunted by the Malaysian government to become the Founding CEO of MaGIC. Under her tenure, she had put Malaysia and its startups on the world map, attracting foreign investors and helping budding entrepreneurs to grow. 

Notable achievements: Best known as the founding CEO of the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and the driving force behind the growth of Malaysia's tech startup culture. She, however, left the post at the end of 2015. 

What is she up to now: She moved back to San Francisco in February 2016 and founded her own consulting agency as well as invested in several startups while also acting as an advisor to some. In addition, she is an Independent Board of Director at Flexiroam. On a personal note, she is currently expecting. 

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