A shining star in the world of Malaysian film and television, Eyka Farhana has risen from humble beginnings to notable success. In our second digital cover this October, she talks about her dreams, dedication to acting and unwavering family support.
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'Movie star', 'muse' and 'It-girl'—what do these words have in common? They all describe the actress of the moment, Eyka Farhana. The child star turned all-encompassing entertainer might be a household name but in real life, she's as grounded as it gets.

It's lunchtime at our shooting location when Eyka, fresh from a prior event in town, graces the set. "Does anyone want KFC?" she suggests. "I could really use some ayam goreng," she says, eliciting laughter from the entire production crew. Who would have imagined that, despite her extensive travels, the actress would want something as simple as fried chicken? After chuckling at the idea, we proceed to make our orders before starting the shoot.
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Born Wan Atiqa Farhana Wan Sarmizi, Eyka's journey into the world of entertainment began with a childhood dream. From an early age, she harboured a strong desire to be in the spotlight, sharing an enthusiasm for performing with her younger sister, Dyba, who is five years her junior. As children, they created skits and plays at home. "We just loved putting on shows. I remember her being Bawang Putih, while I was Bawang Merah," she shares. Little did she know that her childhood playtime passion would turn into a dream come true.

Eyka radiates an aura of simplicity and an easy-going allure. "I really don't like drama. When I sense it building up, I will try to avoid it and move on. I'm just looking to have a fun time wherever I go," she says. However, she acknowledges that she isn't perpetually positive; there are moments when she feels disoriented. That's why her sister plays a vital role in her day-to-day life.
Starting early
Anyone who meets Eyka will invariably encounter her younger sister, who takes on the role of a dedicated personal assistant and trusted confidante, offering unwavering support every step of the way. Her bond with Dyba has only deepened as the years pass, and her sister serves as a constant source of motivation, ensuring Eyka's spirits remain high, particularly during trying times.
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It is the same younger sister who first ventured into acting. At 11 years old, Dyba secured a role in a TV3 drama, while 16-year-old Eyka tagged along for her shoots. "During one of those days, the director, Faizal Ishak, noticed me and suggested I audition for another series called Juvana. Without overthinking, I agreed to it, not expecting much other than gaining valuable experience. To my astonishment, I landed a role," she shares.

The show went on to become a teen phenomenon, catapulting her into the spotlight at a young age, and she relished the attention. However, the importance of education couldn't be overlooked and she had to prioritise taking the national examination, the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), to complete her secondary school education. The situation cast a shadow of uncertainty over her career.

"After SPM, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do and just couldn't deny my calling," she reflects. "So at 19, I decided to give this career path a focus and haven't looked back since," she affirms.
Star power
Eyka's vision for her career revolves around mastering diverse roles and not shying away from new opportunities. "For instance, if an opportunity to host arises, I'd take it right away. It's important for people to know that I'm open to new experiences. I firmly believe in trying new things, even if it means potentially failing in the beginning," she remarks.

"That's why I love acting so much. Not every project I engage in will take me somewhere, and not every script I get offered will leave an impact. However, those that do have managed to transform my career. That's why I constantly seek new challenges," the star affirms.
Charging on
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When asked about these challenges in question, Eyka takes a moment to reflect on her entire career so far and shares, "Recently, I shot a horror movie, Perjanjian Anak Syaitan 2, alongside Alif Satar and Fasha Sandha, and the character was very emotionally demanding for me. I play someone with anxiety who becomes possessed. Her mental health wasn't right and I carried that with me for two to three days after shooting. I even had to get into a grave for a scene. Talk about scary! It got to the point where I would attend an event and feel lost, to the extent that I could only stay for about 10 minutes before leaving. Sometimes, I carry the negative energy from a character with me. I believe many actors feel this way."

Another example is her role in a Malay drama called Dukun Diva, where she portrayed a masculine character. "I still have the same boyish mannerisms from that role, Lola. You tend to become accustomed to a new personality, especially if you've been acting as a different person for three to four months. I can become so immersed in a character that I sometimes find it challenging to get out of it," she reveals.
When it comes to motivation and career aspirations, Eyka greatly admires another prominent figure in the local entertainment scene, actress Nabila Huda. "I'm obsessed with her because I believe she can portray any character, from a naive woman to a villain to a psychopath—she excels in all roles. I've never failed to be impressed by her acting, and I'm truly in awe of her talent. I often wonder how she does it. On the international stage, I draw inspiration from Lily Collins and her bubbly, positive spirit. I admire the way she presents herself."

For Eyka, every character comes with different emotions and while she's not particularly choosy, she is always seeking positive roles. Having had a taste of the international scene—Eyka starred in the Indonesian version of Pretty Little Liars, nabbing a win for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards—the young actress is gearing up for more.
New heights
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Looking ahead, Eyka is clear and focused on her career. "One mistake I've learned from is that when I was younger, I used to take acting lightly. I would come to set without any preparation, not read the script, neglect character study, and take things too casually. This always made me feel confused, and I didn't think I performed at my best in my teens or early twenties. It shows when you don't prepare properly. That's why when I take on a new project now, I ensure I take the time to truly focus on the shoot," she confesses.

One piece of advice that has profoundly impacted her life came from director Arif Zulkarnain, who wisely imparted, "In life, the key is to continually explore uncharted territory and push the boundaries of your acting abilities." Inspired by this guidance, Eyka is determined to embrace more risks and is currently up for anything.
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