Special Projects Editor Joanna Pinto and Fashion Writer Stephanie Boey channel the street styles of New York, Paris and Madrid to showcase how versatile the new Loewe AW19 bags are.
With each season that comes and goes, our eyes are always set on one prize when it comes
to the arm candy department: versatile bags that will slay on the street no matter which city
you're living in. For Autumn/Winter 2019, Loewe produced just that – a series of its
signature silhouettes reimagined with a modern-day twist.

For instance, its Lazo bag has been scaled down to a mini size while maintaining its curved
accordion sides, looped calfskin straps and belt knot whereas its timeless Gate bag also
adopts a tinier novel size but rendered in a fanny pack style. Elsewhere, we're seeing
postcard-inspired shapes in the form of its Postal bags (some with wings) that come in a
rectangular structure adorned with an embossed stamp-like anagram on the top right corner.

To prove just how versatile Loewe's AW19 bag collection is, Team Buro took on a little
styling challenge: to dress according to our favourite cities – such as New York, Paris and
Madrid – while sharing some key takeaway lessons from each city's street styles.
Two words to describe the style of New Yorkers? Eclectic and energetic.
Not afraid of parading statement pieces (sometimes more than one at a time), they also love breaking fashion rules, drawing attention with proportion play or clashing prints, and sporting on-the-go shoes and accessories.
(Left) Stephanie carrying the Gate Bumbag in khaki green;
(Right) Joanna carrying the Gate Bumbag in vermillion
"I'm getting Big Apple energy with this outfit and I love how there's a subtle mix of metallics (plus the bright Gate Bumbag taking centrestage) to liven up the muted tones."
– Joanna
Joanna carrying the Gate Bumbag in vermillion
Stephanie carrying the Gate Bumbag in khaki green
No one else pulls off effortless chic quite like the French and that's exactly why Parisian style is coveted by women all around the world. A few tips to keep in mind? Invest in quality pieces instead of bargain buys, opt for classic staples over short-lived trends, and express your femininity by mixing and matching fitted and relaxed silhouettes.
(Left) Stephanie carrying the Postal Wings Small Bag in cotton candy
(Right) Joanna carrying the Postal Small Bag in tan
"First thing that comes to my mind when I think of Paris is romance. That's why I paired this multi-striped wraparound skirt with the Postal bag in sweet cotton candy pink."
– Stephanie
It's true: Spanish fashionistas don't shy away from colour and you'll often spot them in vivid or contrasting hues. As bold and experimental as they are with eye-catching prints and punchy palettes however, fabrics are often kept light and breezy while jewellery and accessories in golden tones are preferred for a dash of simple sophistication.
(Left) Stephanie carrying the Lazo Mini Bag in vermillion;
(Right) Joanna carrying the Postal Madrid Small bag in red
"This is as bright as my wardrobe could get but in a good, surprising way. The Postal bag's statement print really brings out the festive vibe in this get-up."
– Joanna
The Loewe AW19 collection is now available at all Loewe boutiques in Malaysia.
Photography: Ting Yang Shan
Art direction: Calleigh Yap
Makeup: Geraldine Loy @ GLOY Artists at Work
Hair: Evon Fung
Styling: Stephanie Boey
Text and coordination: Joanna Pinto
Talents: Joanna Pinto & Stephanie Boey

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