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20 Malaysian women dare to pursue their dreams
The time is now or never as these girls get started on their wish list and live their dreams, all in the pursuit of youth
"What is the one thing you've always wanted to do but never got round to it?" This was the question we posed to a group of 20 ladies at the dawn of this new year, making it the perfect opportunity for them to start working on their wish list, and seizing the moment to act on their personal goals.

As with many things in life, we tend to take a backseat approach when facing our greatest fears, or even living our biggest dreams. In a moment of hesitation, we fear our dreams might not be what we want it to be, or lack the conviction that we can actually do it. But, it is often the untrodden path that will lead us to the ultimate joy. This new year, let "seize the day" be your mantra because the time is now.
To celebrate the launch of Dior Capture Youth – a new range of age-defying skincare – we challenged 20 Malaysian women to fulfil their dreams and live with no regrets. See them in action and read on for their personal mottos, and nuggets of wisdom:
Daiyan Trisha Lenna Lim
Natalia Ng Vanessa Tevi
Top L-R: Daiyan Trisha, Lenna Lim
Bottom L-R: Natalia Ng, Vanessa Tevi
Daiyan Trisha
"You're strongest when you're focused. I will be more specific and calculative in my actions, and do what will make my goals more prominent and solid."

Lenna Lim
"I always believe that you should give 110% in everything that you do and never give up, even when times are hard."

Natalia Ng
"If you don't risk going too far, you'll never know how far you can go. I always believe that challenging yourself only helps you to be better."

Vanessa Tevi
"In life, we want to achieve so many things but I try to remind myself everyday that if there's one thing that you want, work on that and if the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal."
Azira Shafinaz Cik Manggis
Pauline Tan Yvonne Lee
Top L-R: Azira Shafinaz, Cik Manggis
Bottom L-R: Pauline Tan, Yvonne Lee
Azira Shafinaz
"Always believe in yourself and live up your dreams before it's too late."

Cik Manggis
"My promise to myself – to take on the unknown with courage and confidence because my time is now."

Pauline Tan
"I've always lived by the phrase 'carpe diem', which literally means seize the day; it also means living life to the fullest."

Yvonne Lee
"An entrepreneur once said, if someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you're not sure if you can do it, say yes anyway and learn how to do it later. This applies to everything in life; there is no right time to do the right thing because the time is now."
Carey Ng Hannah Tan
Jasmine Suraya Chin Sophia Liana
Top L-R: Carey Ng, Hannah Tan
Bottom L-R: Jasmine Suraya Chin, Sophia Liana
Carey Ng
"My mum taught me since young to do everything with love, good intent and a good heart. Everything you do will be fruitful, it will not just grow for yourself but also for the people around you."

Hannah Tan
"I'd like to work on being more consistent, creative and to count my blessings a little more each day."

Jasmine Suraya Chin
"This year, I want to build more meaningful relationships and instil discipline in my daily life."

Sophia Liana
"You should always strive to be your unique self – that should be your motivation everyday. And, when you wake up each day, you have to think positive, have faith in yourself and always be confident."
Alicia Amin Raja Ilya
Thanuja Ananthan Zher Peen
Top L-R: Alicia Amin, Raja Ilya
Bottom L-R: Thanuja Ananthan, Zher Peen Tham
Alicia Amin
"I vow to always stay hungry and never pass up on the opportunity to dive into the unknown."

Raja Ilya
"Never be ashamed of what you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion that you want and to do what makes you happy."

Thanuja Ananthan
"I strongly feel it's important for one to remain their authentic self and pursue your passion and dreams without compromising your principles."

Zher Peen Tham
"I believe in living your truth. You might not find it in a lifetime but we can try to get closer and closer to it."
Aina Syahirah Anzalna Nasir
Nurul Zulkifli Veen Dee
Top L-R: Aina Syahirah, Anzalna Nasir
Bottom L-R: Nurul Zulkifli, Veen Dee Tan
Aina Syahirah
"Never give up on your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. But always be kind and humble in the process of getting what you want."

Anzalna Nasir
"I promise myself to be a better person, work harder and be more confident."

Nurul Zulkifli
"I believe that if you want something, you really need to try extra hard for it. Even though you fail at the end of it, that's ok, at least you tried."

Veen Dee Tan
"There will always be someone better but that's not for you to focus on but you can be the bravest 'cos that's for yourself. So I guess whatever that you want to do in life, just be fearless and be brave for it 'cos there's nothing to lose."
Take action now
The message is loud and clear – the time is now to make the most of your youth and capture the best moments in life for as long as you can. It is about taking that first step so you won't live with regret. Dior Capture Youth is all about acting now.
Dior Capture Youth

The Capture Youth range is developed with the principles of predictive medicine. It features a selection of powerful ingredients such as Iris Florentina, Murunga Plum and other botanical mesh to support the skin's antioxidant activity and strengthen its defence system that is known as glyoxalase.

Dior Capture Youth consists of an ultra-prevention crème and five complementary serums that can be mixed and matched to meet individual skin's needs. Working in harmony, the Dior Capture Youth skincare line helps to anticipate and control visible signs of ageing and maximise skin's youthfulness.

The Age-Defying Advanced Crème contains a high concentration of antioxidant Iris Florentina and a botanical mesh to smooth and stimulate the skin's internal resistance. The five serums have targeted actions such as the Glow Booster to re-energise the skin's radiance, Plump Filler to restore skin's fullness, Matte Maximizer to regulate sebum production and refine skin texture, Lift Sculptor to help firm up skin tone and elasticity, and the Redness Soother to calm and relieve sensitive skin.

Dior Capture Youth is available now in stores.
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Art Direction: Cai Mei Khoo & Yi Suen Chong
Co-Ordinators: Gwen Ong, Angel Yau, Loh Wei Yeen & Alyssa Lee

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