Joan Kong,
fashion editor

As a fashion stylist, having to do virtual shoots means that I have to let go of (a lot of) things that are out of my control, be it a crease on a clothing or a strand of hair that's not in place. I've learned to simply embrace the imperfections and go with the flow, which is what the 'new normal' is essentially about.
Stephanie Boey,
fashion writer

It's the strangest and most challenging shoot I've done so far. But looking at the bigger picture, time away from the bustle of the outside world has given us the luxury of quiet reflection and introspection; to think of novel ideas on how we can make fashion a more inclusive and sustainable industry.

Calleigh Yap,
senior web designer

It felt really weird at the beginning—to just sit behind my laptop in the comfort of my own room and not being able to assist with anything. But as the shoot progressed, I felt more confident with it and learned to put more trust in the process!


Creative direction: Raisa Azzam, Calleigh Yap, Joan Kong, and Stephanie Boey
Photography: Raisa Azzam
Styling: Joan Kong
Text: Stephanie Boey and Joan Kong
Layout: Calleigh Yap

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