The world’s highest and longest glass bridge has opened in Zhangjiajie

The world’s highest and longest glass bridge has opened in Zhangjiajie

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Dare you take a walk across the highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge over a canyon between China’s Zhangjiajie mountains?

The Zhangjiajie mountains in China are a natural work of art themselves but they surely made headlines as the inspiration behind the floating mountains in the movie Avatar. There's also a famous glass skywalk on Tianmen Mountain—aptly called 'The Walk of Faith'located in the same National Forest Park that has been known to challenge anyone's fear of heights. 

Zhangjiajie glass bridge

China has now taken it to the next level by building the world's highest (suspended at 300 metres above ground) and longest (430 metres) glass-bottomed bridge that spans the canyon between two mountain cliffs in Zhangjiajie park. 

Zhangjiajie glass bridge

The attraction opened on Saturday and has seen hundreds cross the bridge in the park located in central Hunan province. Many deemed it a unique experience and from the pictures, few were afraid. Designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan, the bridge is six metres wide, made of 99 panels of clear glass and can carry up to 800 people at the same time. Adrenaline junkies will be able to even bungee jump or ride a zip line. 

Zhangjiajie glass bridge

The park will only allow 8,000 people per day to cross the bridge and travellers will have to book their ticketsit costs 138 yuan (approximately RM81)a day in advance. Anyone wearing stilettos, however, will be banned. 

Zhangjiajie glass bridge

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