The “Colors of Ramadhan” in Malaysia captured with a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The “Colors of Ramadhan” in Malaysia captured with a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

By award-winning Malaysian photograher Yaman Ibrahim

Text: Rachel Au

All it takes is one good smartphone camera to capture the best and unexpected moments in life

As some photographers might tell you, taking the perfect picture is not always about having the most expensive camera and lens. Composition is key but of course, having a decent equipment helps to ensure the shot comes out perfectly lit and sharp in definition. But really, sometimes the best memories in life happen unexpectedly and you can't be expected to lug around a huge (not to mention heavy) DSLR everywhere you go. Natural lighting is everything but under lowlight conditions, using your smartphone could result in grainy, blurred pictures - that is, until one smartphone debuted a reliable built-in camera suitable for any situation. Award-winning Malaysian photographer Yaman Ibrahim took the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge around town to capture the beauty of our country during this festive season for a new series titled "Colors of Ramadhan".

"As a Malaysian, my goal is to provide an accurate representation of what my country is to me - in all its charm and splendour. The Galaxy S7 edge really was an extension of my being and my vision. It showed me more than what I thought a phone was capable of doing and I too was pleasantly surprised by the unexpectedly amazing shots," said Yaman Ibrahim. 

From the brilliant intricate architecture of the mosques to the contrasting shades of Malay cuisine, every photo is perfect in detail as the Galaxy S7 edge's Dual Pixel technology (the first smartphone to have it in the world) and fast auto-focus allows it to produce photographs of DSLR quality no matter the lighting conditions, making it the perfect lifestyle companion.  

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