Giveaway: Win cool DJI gadgets worth more than RM6,600 this Father’s Day

Giveaway: Win cool DJI gadgets worth more than RM6,600 this Father’s Day

Keep it steady

Text: Adelina Tan

Image: Calleigh Yap for BURO Malaysia

We’ve teamed up with DJI for a Father’s Day treat—stand a chance to win cool gadgets worth more than RM6,600 in total

Photographs and videos help us remember all the memories we never want to forget. It's why we're big fans of capturing the precious moments spent with family and friends. The DJI Pocket 2 and DJI Om 4 can help you take smooth, high-quality photos and videos to last a lifetime. In these socially distanced times, they're also a great way to stay connected with loved ones who you can’t meet up with right now. Discover more about these two gadgets from DJI and how you can win them for dad this Father’s Day!

DJI Pocket 2

Judge the DJI Pocket 2 not by its size (the same can be said of dads, too). DJI’s most powerful and portable stabilised mini camera yet, the Pocket 2 packs full-scale performance in its lightweight and tiny body. This three-axis gimbal has ActiveTrack 3.0, whereby you can select a subject and it'll keep it in the frame automatically. Weighing just 117g and offering up to 140 minutes of battery life, the Pocket 2 captures images with improved quality than its predecessor through the larger 1/1.7” image sensor. Its sweeping 20mm f/1.8 lens also allows you to fit more into your pictures and videos.

These can be captured in 16MP or 64MP for photographs using the high-resolution mode, and at a maximum video resolution of 4K/60fps at 100Mbps with HDR added. In other words, your content will have stunning details and vivid colours! Want to zoom in for a close-up? No problem: Get closer without actually moving using the 8x zoom and 64-megapixel mode, or 4x lossless zoom in 1080p (or 16-megapixel mode). There’s also the Hybrid 2.0 AF autofocus to ensure your images and videos look sharp and clear.

Of course, when it comes to videos, image quality is only half of the equation. The Pocket 2 comes with DJI Matrix Stereo, a new and improved audio system that records crisp and clear sound for a more immersive experience. It’s more or less fail-proof, with the four microphones strategically placed clear of where your hands will be when holding the Pocket 2. Directional Audio enhances sound recording, SoundTrack adjusts the audio based on where the camera is facing, while Audio Zoom narrows the sound field when zooming the camera in. You can even filter out unwanted background sounds with the optional wind noise reduction function.

All these features make the Pocket 2 very beginner-friendly. It powers on instantly using Fast Wake and has Drop Aware to prevent the gimbal from falling. Moreover, the intelligent pre-programmed modes will enable you take photos and videos like a seasoned pro. Easily experiment with slo-mo, timelapses, panoramas, livestreaming, and putting together content for IG Reels and TikTok. The Pocket 2 can be customised to your needs, with a removable base plate that allows you to attach new accessories. It can be used as a stand-alone stabilised camera, connected to your mobile device with a dedicated phone connector, or operated remotely with wireless accessories.

The DJI Pocket 2 can be purchased in two options. The basic package includes the Mini Control Stick and tripod mount (1/4”) for RM1,549. The Creator Combo includes the Mini Control Stick, tripod mount (1/4”), Wide-Angle Lens, Wireless Microphone + Windscreen, Do-It-All Handle, and Micro Tripod for RM2,169.

Purchase from DJI Malaysia’s flagship store, authorised dealers, and official store on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee.

DJI Om 4

Fathers are a steady and reliable presence, always there to guide and support us as we navigate the curveballs of life. Much in the same way, the DJI Om 4 smartphone stabilizer is the perfect companion for adventures big and small. Take it anywhere to capture smoother and higher-quality images and videos—for sending to family group chats, uploading onto social media, or for your personal albums.

Even if you’ve never used anything like it, attaching the Om 4 to any phone is quick and easy. There are even two ways to go about it with DJI’s quick-snap magnetic attachment system. First is to keep the sleek, secure and lightweight metal clamp connected to the back of your phone where it can instantly attach to the Om 4. The second option removes the balancing step by sticking an aesthetically designed magnetic mount, with a ring holder, onto the back of your phone—making snapping onto the Om 4 even easier!

Either option keeps your phone from taking an untimely tumble. Kitted with high-quality materials, upgraded motors, and the latest in three-axis stabilizer technology, the Om 4 can support more weight than its predecessors. Its intuitive design is also built for capturing moments while on the go. With just one hand, you can control the stabilizer’s key features and functions.

On a full charge, the Om 4 can keep going for 15 hours, giving you time to experiment with its creative capture modes through the DJI Mimo app. And if your phone’s running really low on battery and you’ve got no other option, it can double up as a battery charger. Before long—with its combination of portable folding design, sturdy build quality and functionality—we reckon you’ll wonder how you got by without the Om 4.

The DJI Om 4 is priced at RM599 which includes a magnetic ring holder, carrying case, magnetic clamp, tripod, wrist strap, and carrying case. Purchase it from DJI Malaysia’s flagship store, authorised dealers, and official store on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee.

The DJI Pocket 2 and DJI Om 4 work best with the DJI Mimo app. Both gadgets are compatible with a range of optional DJI accessories and add-ons.

7 lucky winners will bring home either the DJI Pocket 2 or DJI Om 4!

We're giving away:

3 x DJI Pocket 2 (worth RM4,647 in total)

4 x DJI Om 4 (worth RM1,996 in total)

The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the following winners, kindly check your email!

1. Najmuddin Bin Moghni

2. Pang Chin Wei

3. Angie Goh

4. Chan Wai Hong

5. Low Kian Ming

6. Peter Ng

7. Loganathan Balakrishnan

The BURO Father's Day Giveaway runs from Friday, 18 June 2021 till Sunday, 27 June 2021. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, 30 June, and will be contacted via email. Other terms and conditions apply*.

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