Pokémon Go may be coming to Malaysia sooner than you think

Pokémon Go may be coming to Malaysia sooner than you think

To catch them is your real test

Text: Rachel Au

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Are you ready to be a Pokemon Master? Because Pokémon Go is coming real soon to Malaysia

Pokémon Go became an overnight worldwide sensation when it was released on 6 July 2016 but there was one problem: The app was only available in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, to the despair of fans from every country that is not one of those three. 

Fast forward to today and Poke̛mon Go has been released to 36 countries, with Hong Kong and Japan being the latest - and only Asian - countries to have access to the game. And every day Malaysians wonder, "When is it our turn?" The good news is: Sooner than you think. 


Malaysian fans initially felt disappointed as the country wasn't included in the list of servers for Pokémon Go according to a website that keeps tabs on online games. The site has so far proven to be quite reliable with the other countries and just a few days ago, it showed that Malaysia has finally gotten its own server. That's hint #1, guys. 

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Today, we stumbled upon an unlisted YouTube video by Hotlink about a new campaign called Hotlink x Grab Pokemobile. That's definitely hint #2, right? It turns out that Grab Malaysia and Maxis Malaysia are collaborating to give free rides and in-game credits to Pokémon Go Malaysia users. 

Players will be able to book a free ride to the nearest PokeStop by selecting the PokeMobile option on their Grab app. Decorated with the wings and flaming tail of a Charizard, there will only be four PokeMobile cars driving around the Klang Valley so it might be as tricky to 'catch' as a Mew. 


But if you do manage to book one, these PokeMobiles will also come with a Grab goodie bag, refreshments, a power charger and a Hotline Fast 4G widescreen monitor. But the campaign's biggest attraction would most likely be the free in-game PokeCoins credits worth US$100 (RM405), which will only be given to Hotlink users. 


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The campaign will take place on the first two days following the release of Pokémon Go in Malaysia but when that exact date will be, both Maxis and Grab Malaysia have refused to comment. (However, various reports of leaked information have suggested it would be in within the first half of August.)


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