Lee Chong Wei wins silver medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Lee Chong Wei wins silver medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Thank you, #DLCW

Text: Rachel Au

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The (intense) match is over and Dato' Lee Chong Wei has won a silver medal at the badminton men’s singles final

The most anticipated match for every Malaysian has just ended. After two sets, Dato' Lee Chong Wei has won a silver in his gold-medal match with China's Chen Long at the Rio 2016 Olympics. The scores were 18-21 in the first set and ended with 18-21.


It was an intense match but nevertheless, our national shuttler did his best. Earlier today, he posted a hopeful message on Facebook:

"I will give it my very best and I know that every Malaysian will be rooting for me, I promise not to let you down. I have tasted defeat twice before and this time I want the gold, not for me, not for my family, not for Badminton but for every Malaysian.

Let's pray that this time things will be different and we get to hear the "Negaraku" being played for the first time at the Olympics.

This one is for you Malaysia. - DLCW"

One thing's for sure, Dato' Lee Chong Wei definitely didn't let us down and everyone is grateful for how far he has brought Malaysia's name to the world stage of badminton and the Olympic Games. Speaking to a journalist on location in Rio, he apologised several times but admitted that he felt this was his best performance compared to the previous Games in Beijing and London.

This marks his third consecutive Olympics silver medal. Congratulations and thank you for being Malaysia's pride and hero.


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