Crystals: How to choose (and use) the best stones for love, success, wealth, and positivity


By Eugene Chen

Crystals: How to choose (and use) the best stones for love, success, wealth, and positivity

Crystals are naturally formed rocks that are highly sought out for their unique texture, shape, and brilliance. The first recorded use of crystals in history dates back to the Ancient Sumerians—the earliest civilization known to us—as well as the Ancient Egyptians. Crystals were utilised for magical purposes, medicine, and rituals. They were also introduced into beauty routines, with the ancient Egyptians wearing rose quartz in the hopes of looking younger. Based on religious texts, they have also been referenced and used in various religions.

Whether they’re repurposed for fashion or decorative elements, their spiritual properties are undeniably an important aspect of their high demand. Crystal healing hinges on the idea that a stone’s structural composition gives it magical properties. These purportedly uplift or hone in on certain areas of an individual’s life based on their vibrational frequencies. In these challenging and unchartered times, it’s no wonder that crystals have attracted a large following as a means of spiritual guidance.

For those with the goal of using crystals for spiritual rituals such as meditation, intention setting, or spellwork, it’s important to cleanse the crystals upon receiving them. These stones are now yours and have a new purpose with you, so cleansing them gets rid of any negative energies that may still be attached to the stones. The best way to do so is through soaking them in salt water (do note that not all crystals can be placed in water), burning sage or palo santo, or bathing them in the moonlight during a full moon.

That said, there is no scientific evidence that can back these perceived qualities that many people believe crystals have. For those who have found solace in their crystals, whether it is through the placebo effect or some resonance with the crystals in practising mindfulness, there is no harm in it.

Be aware, however, that the counterfeit industry has hooked its claws into the crystal industry, creating a lucrative trade where glass or plastic products are passed off as natural stones. It’s hard to verify ethically sourced and authentic crystals, so purchase yours from trusted sellers.

If you’re interested in healing crystals, these are the metaphysical properties of the most popular stones.

For attracting love: Rose quartz

Photo: Mooncat Crystals

If romance is on your mind, the rose quartz is known to be the crystal of love. It’s said to help restore trust and harmony in relationships, as well as promote unconditional love. Another type of love that some of us forget is self-love; this crystal can help serve as a reminder of much-needed inner healing and feelings of peace. It is also favoured by those seeking comfort in times of grief.

For prosperity: Pyrite

Photo: Getty Images 

Also known as Fool’s Gold, there’s nothing foolish about this crystal. Pyrite is believed to attract wealth and prosperity for its owners. It’s also linked with mental clarity and motivation, making it a popular stone to have around the office or workspace.

For manifestation: Lodolite

Photo: @sheena.miyake

Lodolite is used to manifest goals. The best way to work with it when manifesting is by sending your positive intentions telepathically to the crystal, so it can help with guiding you and overcoming challenges.

For removing mental and emotional blocks: Moldavite

Photo: @tristatecrystalcollective

It’s believed that Moldavite was formed 15 million years ago when a meteor collided with the earth. For those who believe in it, the crystal helps release unwanted baggage from the past by uncovering thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are keeping you stuck.

For positive thinking: Sunstone

Photo: @yoyogemsllc

The sunstone is the preferred crystal to encourage positive thinking. It’s believed to get its energy from the sun, cleansing the chakra by filling its owner with love and positivity. It is also said to protect, energise and bring good luck.

For motivation: Carnelian

Photo: Getty Images 

Carnelians come in a variety of colours ranging from red-orange to pink to brown. So, don’t be alarmed if yours doesn’t look like the one pictured. The stone is used by those looking for a boost in courage, uncovering hidden talents, and stimulating creativity.

For relaxation: Amethyst

Photo: Getty Images

Often found in Chinese households and businesses, the amethyst is associated with calmness and tranquillity. If you find yourself feeling restless and having trouble falling asleep, this is the crystal for you. It’s believed to interact with the third eye chakra to promote relaxation.

For mental focus: Blue tiger’s eye

Photo: @thana.stone

This beautiful blue stone is used by those wanting to focus only on the things and people that will help them achieve their goals. To effectively charge blue tiger’s eyes, you’ll have to zoom in on what you want it to help you with. Then, using positive words, communicate your thoughts telepathically to your stone during meditation.

For letting go: Morganite

Photo: @crystalladyluna

Letting go of the past is necessary in order to move forward. Morganite is chosen for this purpose, especially in relationships, since it is a heart chakra stone. It’s purported to heal old wounds and get rid of hidden traumas, so users can leave the past behind with a lighter heart and mind. It will also continue to help your love grow and attract more of it into your life.

For following your dreams: Herkimer diamond

Photo: @treefort_bazaar

Follow your dreams, quite literally, with the Herkimer diamond. To better understand the messages in dreams, users place the crystal under their pillow, which is said to stimulate lucid dreaming. Use it to have a clearer understanding of what your visions tell you about your life.

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