Rolls-Royce Dawn makes its debut in Malaysia

Rolls-Royce Dawn makes its debut in Malaysia

The quietest convertible car

Text: Rachel Au

Rolls-Royce’s latest and most seductive motor car, Dawn is a luxurious four-seater beauty targeted for the younger, affluent drivers

A strong contender in the luxury automotive world, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has always delivered a motor car with a sensual silhouette and a beautiful design. The brand's new addition to the family, Dawn is no exception but with the exception of its graceful silence - from its roof. 

Rolls-Royce Dawn design

Rolls-Royce's engineers have paid great attention to the new four-seater Drophead's fabric roof. Affectionately named the 'Silent Ballet, the mechanism delivers the silence of a Wraith when up and operates in just over 20 seconds at a cruising speed of up to 50km per hour. Elsewhere, Dawn features 80 per cent unique body panels and even new tyres as special fitment. 

Rolls-Royce Dawn design interior

"Dawn is redefining luxury motoring by offering an involvement like no other - being superbly relaxing to drive and making its occupants feel incredibly special. It is the pinnacle luxury good for Malaysia - rare, bespoke and hand-crafted to the unmistakeable Rolls-Royce hallmark standard. Its design evokes glamour and offers a modern, social experience," said Asia Pacific Regional Director, Paul Harris. 

Rolls-Royce Dawn design seats

The seductive design extends even to its interior with open-pore Canadel panelling tracing the horseshoe shape of the rear cabin and the wood on the deck - customisable, by the way - flowing down the 'Waterfall' between the rear seats, and around the cabin clothing the interior door panels. 

Rolls-Royce Dawn comes with a price tag starting at RM4 million. It will be available for viewing by invitation at Bangsar Shopping Centre from 22 to 24 July, 11am to 8pm. For more information, visit the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Kuala Lumpur website.


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