Travel diaries: Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl on her favourite places

Travel diaries: Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl on her favourite places

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Text: Rachel Au

Image: @garypeppergirl

Nicole Warne of @garypeppergirl spills on her top holiday destinations, best travel tips and more

She's one of the most popular personalities on the fashion scene who is constantly jetsetting around the world and who has built an empire of her own with her gorgeous photos, effortless style, and charming wit. Nicole Warne, the Australian beauty behind the Gary Pepper Girl blog, is a stunning inspiration. With a breathtakingly beautiful and curated Instagram feed of her travels and lifestyle on @garypeppergirl, we asked Nicole about the best places she has discovered, the best memory, tips and more.


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Three holiday destinations that should be on everyone's travel bucket list.

I love Iceland for its natural landscapes - you can really cleanse from technology, and the scenery is stunning and so untouched. Norway is great if you want to get active as it has some of the best hikes in the world, beautiful fjords and mountains. It's very otherworldly. Third, Sicily for the romance; but also because it's not as busy as the rest of Italy. And off the north coast of Sicily is a small island called Stromboli, which I love for the active volcano and memorable beaches. 


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Define the perfect holiday.

For me, I truly believe in the company you keep, so the perfect holiday would be sharing it with the closest friends and family. This would be such a luxury because my friends are all having babies and buying houses, and my family live in a different state so we rarely get a holiday together. 


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Tell us your best memory about travelling. 

My fiancé lost his passport in Sicily whilst we were travelling between the small islands. We were staying on Stromboli and had already accepted that we couldn't replace his passport until we returned to the mainland. So we started our hike up the side of the Stromboli volcano, which was active at the time and was erupting every 15 minutes. We walked past some strangers and said hello, only to have them turn around and ask, "Have any of you lost your passport?" 


Apparently, they had found Luke's passport on a boat and picked up on our Australian accents after we said hello. It stands for everything I love about travelling - showing kindness and, helping and connecting with strangers, who often end up becoming good friends. It was such a pure moment of joy with a touch of disbelief. 


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Your best travel tips.

• I rely on Skyscanner for flights because you can often find the shortest possible travel time, which really helps when flying in and out of Australia. 

 Become a frequent flyer and accumulate points to cut the lines at airports. (This helps a lot.)

 When you arrive, look at postcards as this can help you pick out the best locations to see and what time of the day would be best for taking photos (depending on the light). 

 Get your phone unlocked and buy a SIM card once you've landed. This will save data and be much more affordable than overseas roaming. 


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Three travel must-haves that are unique to you.

 A satin eye mask — It makes a world of difference when you're flying. Spray it with a hint of lavender oil to help you sleep.

 Vitamins and melatonin  I've started travelling with these and they keep my energy levels up. Melatonin helps kick away the jet lag and adjust to the time zone quickly. 

• Cosmedix Rescue Balm — I never fly without this face mask and it saves my skin from dehydration. 


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What are some of the best eateries you've discovered on your travels?

I tend to find Australian cafes when I'm travelling because I believe we have the best produce and food in the world. Bluestone Café, Two Hands Café and Little Collins in New York are cute. In Paris, try Telescope for coffee; and in Alexandria, Sydney, I recommend Bread and Circus. 


So New York, Paris and Sydney - what are some of the must-see sights and attractions in those cities?

New York 

The flower markets on 28th street, and ABC Kitchen for food and gift shopping.

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Coffee on the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette (a secret spot and not too tourist-y but you get a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower), and the Versailles.


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Bondi to Bronte Walk, Northern Beaches, and The Boathouse in Palm Beach or Balmoral.


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What souvenirs would you recommend people to buy?

I like to support local vendors in whichever country I visit. I recently bought my friend a beautiful ring with a natural stone in Mykonos - I've never seen anything like it. The jewellery in Turkey is also incredible; I came home with the most exquisite and affordable pieces.



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