Why you'll love the redesigned Nike+ Training Club app

Why you'll love the redesigned Nike+ Training Club app

For men and women

Text: Rachel Au

Image: Nike

Nike’s new N+TC app is now truly the ultimate personal trainer and here’s everything you need to know about it

We've had a look at how amazing the Nike+ Training Club app was back when we reviewed it for our #FitnessFriday series in January. Now, Nike has redesigned the personal trainer app for both men and women to make it even more personalised to each individual's needs, abilities and goals. 

ntc app redesign for men and women

The new N+TC app has been updated with over 100 new workouts designed by Nike trainers, rooted in science and inspired by the world's best athletes, and includes 15-minute options for the busy bees. To mix it up a little, there are now weekly "featured athlete" workouts inspired by elite athletes for you to try. 

ntc app redesign - 100 new workouts

As each person's needs and athletic levels vary, the N+TC app will customise your workouts accordingly and actually adapt to your daily life. It can adjust to your individual progress and busy schedule; so for example, if you missed a day, it will automatically re-adjust the rest of your training plan to accommodate for the missed session. Similarly, if you've hit a peak, it'll dial it up a notch to help push you further. 

ntc app redesign - adaptive training

While it is generally quite automated, you can also add in more input now for the app's kind consideration. N+TC will ask how hard a session was and adjust the difficulty level for the next workout accordingly. If you've performed out-of-app activities such as hikes, swims, runs, anything - they all count - you can key those in and N+TC will work those into the adaptive plans for a balanced fitness routine.  

ntc app redesign

Lastly, working out is more fun with friends and rewards. The app now includes enhanced photo sharing with over 30 stickers and tagging features. And you'll find personalised product offers, N+TC Live updates and a social activity feed to keep that motivation going strong

The Nike+ Training Club app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.


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