What a juice cleanse can do to you

What a juice cleanse can do to you

Reboot your body

Text: Rachel Au

Is it really just to help you lose weight? Here’s what we learnt from La Juiceria

It's a detox diet. It's the easiest way to complete your daily quota of five to seven servings of vegetables and fruits. It can help you lose weight. You've heard it all but what exactly does a juice cleanse do to you and your body? We've revealed everything you didn't know about La Juiceria, one of the most popular detox bars in the Klang Valley; now, we're going to break it down for you about juice cleansing as easy as how your digestive system would with cold-pressed juices.


Why people do a juice cleanse

For the (initial) non-believers, it may sound extremely difficult (or unbelievable) to give up solid foods for a day or two but there are various reasons enough to do it. "Some people overeat during the holidays and want to flush out the excess weight. Others have eczema or want to have glowing skin, and have learned that your skin reflects your liver health, hence a juice detox can help. Many women also experience better digestion and fighting constipation with increased consumption of vegetable and fruits through the juice cleanse," explained La Juiceria's founder Anabelle Co-Martinent.


She added, "The results of a cleanse varies based on lifestyle, food choices and how many days you undergo. Generally, at the end of a cleanse, one feels energised and renewed. Just like a newly overhauled car, functioning at its best."

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The benefits - is it really great for weight loss?

A common misconception about juice diets is that they will help you lose a lot of weight and fast - that's not the way. A juice cleanse is meant to be nutritional yet designed to give your digestive system a rest while washing out all the toxins you accumulated over the years. Our body is built to naturally detoxify but modern life tends to put a lot of pressure on our organs with the constant pollution around us, caffeine, additives and preservatives in the food we eat outside, and of course, stress. The result: we end up depriving our body the vital nutrients it needs. 


Hence, weight loss is meant to be a nice side effect but doing a juice cleanse could help set you on the path to healthier eating habits, which eventually leads to shedding that extra weight. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a juice cleanse: improved digestion, increased stamina, energy and mental clarity, better sleep patterns, radiant complexion, regular bowel movement and better immunity. 

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Why cold-pressed juices and not plain vegetables and fruits?

As mentioned, it's the easiest way to consume a large amount of raw vegetables and fruits. What sets cold-pressed juices apart is the technique it uses - a hydraulic press that extracts the juice - to preserve the nutrients from its raw form, whereas traditional methods tend to use heat which will kill the live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. 


So I can't eat anything during a juice cleanse?

Untrue. While the six juices a day during a cleanse is designed to help support your system throughout the day, it's understandable that it can be hard to stick to liquids at the beginning. If you feel the need to eat something, La Juiceria recommends foods like salad, celery sticks, fruits or vegetable broth. Just refrain from caffeine and meat. 


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