B Healthy: Malaysia’s first health and wellness English TV show

B Healthy: Malaysia’s first health and wellness English TV show

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Text: Rachel Au

Watch how you can ‘B Healthy’ in Malaysia’s first health and fitness English TV show

PurelyB never ceases to amaze us with their pursuit of finding ways to share the path to healthy living with the world, especially to us Malaysians who are often tempted by delicious (and some unhealthy) local food galore. The health and wellness online startup has recently accomplished another first—the last achievement being the launch of Asia's first health and wellness marketplacewith the debut of B Healthy, an English TV show focusing on health-related topics. The show is a first of its kind in Malaysia and is a collaboration with Astro. 

YM Che Puan Amelia Thripura Henderson is the host of B Healthy and for 21 odd minutes, she and her various guests/regulars (Lisa Surihani, Diana Danielle, Deborah Henry, Sazzy Falak, Natasha Hudson, Nana Al Haleq and others) on the show will take the audience through a whole range of health issues, ranging from post-pregnancy weight loss tips to discovering healthy versions of your favourite local Asian recipes to hot fitness trends and exotic natural beauty remedies. Whether you're a health and fitness junkie or not, her easy-to-understand style and energy will easily get you hooked on the show. 

"We are very excited for the debut of this show as it is the culmination of months of hard work for both the PurelyB and Astro teams. PurelyB's mission is to encourage and support people from all walks of life to live healthier lifestyles with easy access to information and products." 

"This venture with Astro has given us yet another avenue to realise our mission, as viewers across Asia can get inspired and easily follow suit with the healthy products and services available on our PurelyB store. For example, if you loved a recipe on the show, you can immediately purchase the relevant ingredients and equipment needed by visiting our site. We are grateful for this opportunity to be able to share even more with everyone and strive to continue to drive this healthy lifestyle movement across the region," explains Jesrina Arshad, CEO of PurelyB.

'B Healthy' airs every Sunday at 7pm starting from 21 August 2016 on Astro Bella (Channel 133) and Astro Mustika HD (Channel 134). Alternatively, you can watch it live online via Astro Gempak YouTube channel or at their website.


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