What makes Southern Rock Seafood's mussels laksa legendary

What makes Southern Rock Seafood's mussels laksa legendary

Local dish with a twist

Text: Su Fen Tan

One visit to Southern Rock Seafood in Bangsar later — and we are now firm believers of the legendary mussels laksa

If you have tried this unique laksa by Chef Naim at Southern Rock Seafood, you might know what I'm talking about here. Although there is so much to love when it comes to Malaysian cuisine, laksa definitely takes one of the top spots of local favourites. Different states may have different styles of laksa, but they all have one thing in common: a slightly spicy broth packed with rich flavours. Done right, and you get a delicious dish with just the right balance of coconut creaminess and a fragrant mixture of herbs and spices.


Last month, we had a go at the Legendary Laksa Cooking Class by Chef Naim, to see what this signature dish of his is all about. Once there, we gathered aroud and found seats at the bar where the cooking demonstration was to be held. A cheery, approachable fellow, head chef of Southern Rock Seafood Chef Naim took us through the process of creating the mussels laksa from scratch. The colourful ingredients in front of us diminished one by one as he sprung in action, concocting them in a large pot and explaining the steps with light-hearted quips in between, making the session a pleasant (and delicious!) learning experience.

So, what makes Southern Rock Seafood's mussels laksa legendary? With his part-Johorian roots (Johor laksa is famous for using spaghetti as noodles), Chef Naim presents his own take of the iconic Malaysian dish by using angel hair pasta. Then of course there's the use of mussels—the chef explained that he has experimented the laksa dish with different seafood, but found that mussels gave it the best flavour. I can't help but agree: the mussels gave the broth just the right amount of naturally salted flavouring, resulting in a wonderfully rich and tasty laksa. 

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At the end of the class, a 3-course set lunch was served, ensuring you leave with both the know-how of cooking laksa, a jar of laksa paste, the recipe and a very happy tummy. The Legendary Laksa Cooking Class takes place every first Saturday of each month, with the next coming up tomorrow! So if you haven't got plans for the weekend yet, you know what to do. 


The Legendary Laksa Cooking Class is priced at RM150 per person but there is a 10 per cent discount when you book online via the Southern Rock Seafood website. For more information, visit their Facebook.