Malaysian-inspired cocktails you can make at home by local bars

Malaysian-inspired cocktails you can make at home by local bars

A toast to Merdeka

Text: Rachel Au

Drink to Malaysia's 59 years of independence with these refreshing and tasty cocktails that you can make at home

The end of August also signifies an important date for every Malaysian: our National Day. This year, Malaysia is celebrating 59 years of independence and we believe that's something we should all drink to. We approached some of the hottest bars in KL (we've featured them in our list of new bars to check out as well as interesting cocktails bars around) to share a recipe for a Malaysian-inspired cocktail.


Lychee No. 3 by PS150

Lychee No. 3 ps150


45ml London Dry Gin

15ml Giffard Lychee Liqueur*

15ml Monin Litchi Syrup

15ml fresh lime juice

0.5cm ginger flower (bunga kantan)

*for other lychee liqueurs like Bols or Joseph Cartron, reduce the quantity to 10ml.


Coupe/Champagne saucer


Lychee fruit and dehydrated ginger flower petal



1. Add ginger flower and lime juice into the shaker to muddle.

2. Pour in the rest of the ingredients.

3. Give a long hard shake.

4. Double strain with fine strainer into glass.


Dark & Stormy by Fuego

Fuego malaysian cocktails recipe


45 ml aged rum

15 ml fresh lime juice

15 ml gula melaka syrup

3 calamansi (squeeze and drop)



1. Start with loads of ice (into a cocktail mixer).

2. Mix all the ingredients and shake well.

3. Pour into a glass and add more ice.

4. Top up with ginger beer.

5. Garnish with half calamansi and a straw.


Bunga Raya by Lou Shang Bar & Cafe

Lou Shang Bar bunga raya cocktail recipe


5ml hibiscus syrup

30ml pineapple juice

15ml blue Curacao

15ml calamansi (limau kasturi) juice

Half teaspoon asamboi powder

2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

45ml Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum

Garnish with edible flowers and orange peel


1. Fill a tall glass with crushed ice.

2. Pour in the hibiscus syrup, then the pineapple juice.

3. Shake the remaining ingredients and pour into the glass.

4. Garnish with edible flowers and an orange peel.


For a simpler and less colourful version, omit the hibiscus syrup and use normal Curacao or Cointreau instead of blue Curacao. Shake all ingredients and strain into a tall glass filled with crushed ice.


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