How to cook Nasi Lemak Pandan with Strawberry Sambal by dahmakan

How to cook Nasi Lemak Pandan with Strawberry Sambal by dahmakan

A healthier alternative

Text: Rachel Au

Image: dahmakan

Not only is dahmakan's 'Nasi Lemak Pandan' a healthier option but it also features something a little different: Strawberry sambal

What Malaysian doesn't love nasi lemak? True. The satisfaction we get from it comes with a slight guilt but who's to say you can't twist it a little for your body's benefit? We've learnt how to make a Healthy Organic Nasi Lemak Salad before. Now, we deal with the real deal. dahmakan's new menu has a variety of tantalising options that are good for both the body and soul; and their Nasi Lemak Pandan caught our eye. We had them deliver it to the office for a taste test and they were kind enough to share the recipe too. Read on for what we think of the dish followed by how you can whip it up at home. 


"Honestly, the picture looked really appetising on the dahmakan website and I was intrigued by the words 'strawberry sambal'. It didn't disappoint but alas, the sambal was too sweet for me but then again, I like it spicy. The chicken was lovely, flavourful and tender though!" — Rachel Au, Lifestyle Editor


"The kind of nasi lemak I usually gravitate to has to have chicken rendang or ayam rempah —either for a dash of spice or that crunchy texture to go well with my coconut rice. But dahmakan's chicken was seasoned beautifully and roasted (which is great for those who are counting calories) to a tee. I also enjoyed the strawberry sambal — the sweetness was well-balanced with a spicy kick." — Wei Yeen Loh, Senior Fashion & Beauty Writer


"I like how they used chicken breast to make it healthier. In fact, everything about the lunchbox was practically guilt-free although I would personally replace the rice with quinoa. I didn't even realise the sambal had strawberry in it since I couldn't taste it." — Yi Suen Chong, Art Director


dahmakan's Nasi Lemak Pandan with Strawberry Sambal, Rempah Roast Chicken & Caramelised Kacang Ikan Bilis — serves 5


  • Normal rice (beras) = 500 grams

  • Pandan leaves (bruised) = 10 grams

  • Coconut cream (santan) = 90 ml

  • Cooking oil = 10 ml

  • Lemongrass (bruised) = 10 grams

  • Onions (sliced) = 30 grams

  • Salt = to taste

  • Sugar = to taste

  • Water = 850 ml


  1. Combine all ingredients and cook in rice cooker

nasi lemak pandan dahmakan recipe


  • Chilli boh / Chilli paste = 150 grams

  • Onions (blended) = 100 grams

  • Garlic (blended) = 15 grams

  • Ginger (blended) = 10 grams

  • Strawberries (blended) = 40 grams

  • Cooking oil = 30 ml

  • Tamarind slices (Asam Keping) = 5 grams

  • Sugar = to taste

  • Water = 100 ml

  • Salt = to taste


  1. Heat up cooking oil in a pan or pot.

  2. Add in onions, garlic, ginger and strawberries. Stir fry till fragrant.

  3. Add in water and tamarind slices. Bring to a boil.

  4. Add in seasoning and let simmer till sambal thickens.


  • Ikan bilis (cleaned) = 50 grams

  • Groundnuts = 80 grams

  • Cooking oil = 15 ml

  • Chilli boh / Chilli paste = 40 grams

  • Chilli sauce = 10 grams

  • Dark soya sauce = 5 grams

  • Sugar = to taste


  1. Fry ikan bilis and groundnuts and set aside.

  2. Add in chilli boh and stir fry till oil surfaces.

  3. Add in chilli sauce, soya sauce and sugar.

  4. Add in fried ikan bilis and groundnuts.

  5. Mix well.

nasi lemak pandan dahmakan recipe


  • Chicken leg = 5 pieces

  • Lemongrass (blended) = 5 grams

  • Onions (blended) = 20 grams

  • Garlic (blended) = 5 grams

  • Ginger (blended) = 5 grams

  • Chilli powder = 10 grams

  • Turmeric powder = 2 grams

  • Salt = to taste

  • Sugar = to taste


  1. Marinate chicken legs with blended ingredients, chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and sugar. Cover and place in a chiller for at least 2 hours.

  2. Roast chicken in a preheated oven at 180°C for 20-25 minutes.

  3. Slice chicken to make sure it's cooked through.


*Serve dish with half of a hard-boiled egg. Lettuce/cucumber slices can be served as well.


For more healthy, delicious meals, check out dahmakan on their website.