Cool cocktails: 6 interesting bars to check out in KL

Cool cocktails: 6 interesting bars to check out in KL

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Text: Rachel Au

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From an Assam Laksa cocktail to a large bowl of Watermelon Mint Soup, these hidden gems will certainly add a fun twist to any intimate party

1. Fatty Boom Boom, Tropicana City Mall

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Think Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love, teapot and bubble tea cocktails and Ariana Grande-belting divas - that's Fatty Boom Boom, a bar slash show lounge in a nutshell. You'll have to go through S.Wine to find its entrance but once you're inside, you'll be sure to have an entertaining night. The cocktails here are bursting with oriental flavours. Boom Boom Tea, for example, is a potent concoction served in an oriental teapot but if you prefer something more fun, try the Fatty Cendol Bliss served in a takeaway bubble tea container.


2. Skullduggery, Plaza Damansara


With a name that reminds us of a pirate's favourite tavern and a decor that is strongly skull-themed, Skullduggery definitely lives up to its namesake. Hidden behind Plaza Damansara's Huckleberry Food & Fare, the bar is cosy and serves some amazing cocktails that are smooth in texture and unique in taste. Give the Black Waters a go - it's a delicious complex mix of blanco tequila, seaweed agave, squid ink, lime juice and celery bitters. 


3. Sparrow, Kota Damansara

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Founded by the same two men who brought us Omakase + Appreciate, Sparrow is an intimate cocktail bar hidden at the back of the Olfactory Bulb cafe that almost resembles a popular setting in a Hong Kong movie. The highlight: the mahjong-themed decor (complete with mahjong tiles and tables but no gambling, of course) and the creative concoctions that incorporates some Malaysian elements. For example, Tell Me, Laureine is a mix of Ford's Gin, JW Black Label, Martini Bianco, liquorice, lemon, and chrysanthemum tea while Pekoe Park City uses Rendezvous Rye, raw honey, jasmine tea, and star anise.


4. Lou Shang Bar & Cafe, Damansara Utama

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This place caught our attention with their special cocktails of the month, Sirap Bandung and Assam Laksa and as it turns out, these ever-changing specials (sometimes seasonal) are something to look forward to. For Chinese New Year, one of them was a Bak Kwa Infused Bourbon. In case you're wondering, yes, this place serves pork as well. While not many bars have bites that are on equal footing with their concoctions, Lou Shang Bar & Cafe is one of those rare exceptions. Their fusion tacos are delectable and addictive. Try the Canto-Pop taco that's fitted with kitchen-made pork char siu, pickled apple, cabbage slaw and spicy kewpie mayo. The entrance is also somewhat hidden behind a wooden sliding door and is located on the first floor. 


5. Coley, Bangsar

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If you've been to any of DR.Inc's food markets, then you might have heard of the cocktails by Coley. The bar, which recently opened in April, is actually located at the back of the cafe and aims to create fun and whimsical drinks with a slight local twist. Don't expect a huge variety of drinks (and there isn't a menu for food) but you can be assured a pleasant surprise with a sip of their coolers. Our favourites are the Gin & Coconut - read: fresh coconut water - and Whisky Barley - mixed with home-brewed barley lemon water. 


6. Virgin & Throne, TTDI


Opened by true Game of Thrones aficionados, the medieval theme is a little low-key except for its name and a few decor items - like the armoured knight standing guard in the bar. The cocktails are far from GoT-inspired and are more on the modern end. The house special is the Watermelon Mint Soup, which is made for sharing and consists of vodka-infused watermelon balls in fresh watermelon juice, and another favourite is Throne, a glow-in-the-dark cocktail with gin.


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