#MalaysianRecipes: Baked Portuguese Fish with Ulam Rice by Dah Makan

#MalaysianRecipes: Baked Portuguese Fish with Ulam Rice by Dah Makan

A healthy lunchbox recipe

Text: Rachel Au

Learn how to recreate a healthy yet delicious lunchbox by Dah Makan with this simple recipe

In celebration of all things Malaysian, we got some of our favourite local chefs and eateries to share their #MalaysianRecipes, be it a dessert or a main. To wrap things up (til further notice, of course, but do drop us a comment if you'd love to see more of this), it was only right to offer another option—a healthy gourmet lunchbox option. Dah Makan is one of the popular healthy lunchbox delivery services in town and they promise to deliver gourmet lunches (and dinners) made from the freshest ingredients and with no MSG. If you have spare time, though, why not try making one of their dishes from scratch? 


Dan Makan's Baked Portuguese Fish with Ulam Rice and Baby Bok Choy recipe

Portuguese chilli sauce (for two)

20g dried chilli

20g chilli paste

50g shallots

10g garlic

1 stalk of Galangal flower (bunga kantan) (finely sliced)

20g fragrant tamarind leaves (daun kesom) (bunch up, do not cut)

10g prawn paste

30g vegetable oil

20g young ginger

10g fresh turmeric

10g salt (to taste)

30g sugar (to taste)


1. Boil the dried chillies and blend.

2. Blend the shallots, garlic, fresh turmeric and ginger together with some water.

3. Heat the pot with vegetable cooking oil. Pour in the ingredients from #2 and cook till it browns and emits a nice fragrance.

4. Add in the blended dried chillies from #1 as well as the chilli paste. 

5. Sautéed all the items till it has a dry texture and fully cooked.

Tip: It's ready once the oil separates from the ingredients.

6. Add in the prawn paste, Galangal flower and tamarind leaves, followed by water, salt and pepper.

7. Simmer and turn off the stove once the sauce has thickened. 


Ulam rice (for two)

100g brown rice

100ml water*

*Tip: Ratio for rice 1:1


1. Cook brown rice with water (no need to add salt or pepper).

2. Place in a stainless steel container and steam for 50 minutes.



20g four angled beans (kacang botol) (finely sliced)

10g long bean (finely sliced)

1 stalk of Galangal flower (bunga kantan) (finely sliced)

10g salt (to taste)

5g pepper (to taste)

5ml olive oil


1. Once the rice is cooked, mix it with all the ingredients for the ulam


Baby bok choy

120g bok choy (cut to 4 pieces)


1. Blanch and soak in cold water. 


Baby bok choy sauce (for five)

20g light soy sauce

20g thick soy sauce

5g fish sauce

5g garlic

10g onion

100ml water

10g potato starch

5g pepper (to taste)


1. Heat the pot up with vegetable cooking oil.

2. Add in garlic and shallot till it turns light brown.

3. Add in water, followed by both light and thick soy sauce, and fish sauce. 

4. Leave to boil. In another bowl, mix potato starch with water and pour in the mixture once the sauce is boiling. Add seasoning for taste. 


Portuguese fish

140g perch fillet (clean and cut to portion)


1. Place the fish on top of an oven cooking tray with a banana leaf at the bottom of it.

2. Place the Portuguese chilli sauce on top of the fish.

3. Cook in the oven at 180 degrees C for seven minutes. 


To serve

Once the fish is cooked, place it on a plate with the ulam rice, some Portuguese chilli sauce on the side, and a serving of the baby bok toy and carrot string on top of the fish as garnish.

portuguese chilli fish rice recipe

Check out Dah Makan on their website or Facebook for more information or to place an order for your next lunch.


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