#BuroEats: 6 New ice cream places to try in KL

#BuroEats: 6 New ice cream places to try in KL

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Text: Rachel Au

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If you haven’t already, that is. Happy National Ice Cream Day!

1. Miss Rose, SS15, Subang

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InstaLove alert! This place serves gelato in the shape of rose petals and that's reason enough to pay Miss Rose a visit. The taste, thankfully, isn't compromised for its beauty as there is a great variety of flavours such as Mango Tangoo and Matcha Green Tea.


2. P.S. Tokyo, SS2, Petaling Jaya

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For an authentic taste of Japanese green tea ice cream, P.S. Tokyo is one of the best places to get it in Petaling Jaya as they import the ingredients from Uji, Kyoto. With a simple menu, their soft serve is available in three delicious flavours: Matcha, Hojicha and Milk. Thanks to a collaboration with Play Booth Co., you can have your Instagram pictures printed there automatically. 


3. Hail's Soft Serve, Damansara Uptown

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It's a place that serves whimsical treats for both the eyes and tastebuds as Hail's Soft Serve specialises in unique flavours such as pink peppercorn, pandan Rose Pop and ChocolaTEA. They can be served in a twist or stacked in layers. After you choose your flavours, the fun continues in the choice of topping combos, ranging from Nom Nom Nom (crunchy feuilletine flakes, langue de chat cookies) to Nyonya Delight Melaka Snow (caramalised gula melaka, sago pearl, coconut snow). 


4. Tsujiri Malaysia, Damansara Uptown

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If you have a penchant for simpler flavours with a punch, there's another soft serve ice cream parlour in the area that specialises in Japanese green tea products. From the classic serving in a cup to on a cone to a parfait to floats, there's an endless variety here. 


5. Honey Creme, Hartamas


Serving premium milk-based soft serve, Honey Creme uses fresh ingredients from South Korea and offers a decent selection of toppings. Rich in taste yet light in texture, it's a refreshing treat on a scorching hot day. 


6. Aboong, SS15, Subang


One of Seoul's most popular desserts, Aboong is a franchise from Korea itself and serves soft serve yoghurt ice cream in an adorable and crispy fish-shaped waffle cone. Before they scoop the ice cream into the cone (and add your selected toppings), you can choose a base filling of red bean, custard or Nutella. 

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