5 Malaysian Instabakers to hire for your wedding cake

5 Malaysian Instabakers to hire for your wedding cake

Too pretty to eat

Text: Rachel Au

These Malaysian Instabakers can definitely make the cake of your dreams - the question is: would you have the heart to eat it?

Your big day isn't complete without a gorgeous wedding cake to top off the whole ceremony. Here's a mini #BuroBrides guide to some of the best bakers on Instagram to create the perfect Insta-worthy cake for your wedding. 


1. Gateauxlicious 

Combining their individual skills and creativity to create cakes that are both one of a kind and filled with romance, the mother-daughter duo Jay and Asma behind Gateauxlicious have easily captured the hearts of many; and evidently so as it has been eight years since they started. 




2. Foret Blanc Patisserie

A visit to France was all it took for the bakers at Foret Blanc Patisserie to be inspired and grow a passion to share delicious and authentic desserts to everyone in Malaysia. Besides classic French entremets and novelty cakes, they also take custom orders for wedding cakes. 




3. Artes & Slices

A pretty cake doesn't necessarily mean it's a delicious cake but you can bet that the three cousins behind Artes & Slices guarantee both with their family recipe and a talent for creating intricate details on their custom wedding cakes. 




4. Miss Shortcakes

A professional cake decorator and pastry chef who started her baking career in Sydney, Jessica Ting can pretty much make any dream design for your wedding cake come true - including adding Swarovski crystals. 


A photo posted by Jessica Ting (@missshortcakes) on


A photo posted by Jessica Ting (@missshortcakes) on


5. Sugartag

Calling their creations as couture cakes, Anis and Fasihah of Sugartag do create some of the most beautiful cakes for weddings and events as they incorporate delicate sugar flower bouquets and hand-painted details in their designs. 

A photo posted by SUGARTAG (@sugartag) on


A photo posted by SUGARTAG (@sugartag) on


A photo posted by SUGARTAG (@sugartag) on


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