#WednesdayWishlist: Drool-worthy eats we wished were available in Malaysia

#WednesdayWishlist: Drool-worthy eats we wished were available in Malaysia

Our favourite fare

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Image: The Fat Duck,

Image: Dominique Ansel Bakery,

Image: Dine Out at Doramu

From blowtorched s'mores to bao-hamburgers, here's what we wished were available locally for us to indulge in

Gwen Ong, Deputy Editor: Chibo Okonomiyaki, Osaka Japan

#WednesdayWishlist: Drool-worthy eats we wished were available in Malaysia (фото 1)

My first taste of this tasty dish got me feeling like ‘WHAT!’ that I remembered wishing I could have this every other week in Malaysia. It was intriguing to the senses with the wafting smell of great flavours and live cooking right in front of you. It’s a simple concept of cooking up some veggies, meat and/or seafood teppanyaki style and serve hot with a drizzle of sauces over the fried batter. Recently, Chibo opened up a branch in the Philippines, so I will be fingers-crossing that Malaysia would be next! 


Jason Lim, Fashion Editor: The Duck and Rice, Soho, London

#WednesdayWishlist: Drool-worthy eats we wished were available in Malaysia (фото 2)

I don't like fussy food. I bore easily and an umpteen course bite-sized meal that takes hours to pretend to enjoy is a terrible time in my books. What I do like is simple food done very well and the roast duck and venison puffs from equally simply-named The Duck and Rice on Berwick Street is high on my list of "Things to Eat Before I Die". An ice cold beer from an extensive craft beer menu to wash down all that perfectly roasted duck and I'm ready for the after-life.


Jasmine Leong, Senior Fashion Writer: Paper Moon Milano, Milan, Italy

#WednesdayWishlist: Drool-worthy eats we wished were available in Malaysia (фото 3)

As a pizza aficionado, it would only make sense for me to wish for more Italian restaurants here in our city - one that is in a casual and unpretentious setting like Paper Moon Milano. Imagine this; you start off with an appetizer, say, prosciutto ham and melon; homemade pappardelle with smoked bacon, tomato and cream as the first course; followed by a roasted spring chicken as the second (yes, they do two courses); and lastly, gelato ice-cream to seal the sweet deal. And while we're at it, why not order a thin, crispy pizza to share? So please, pizza God, if you're listening; bring Paper Moon to Malaysia. Grazie!  


Loh Wei Yeen, Fashion & Beauty Writer: Dominique Ansel Bakery, New York City

#WednesdayWishlist: Drool-worthy eats we wished were available in Malaysia (фото 4)

I first experienced a bite of heaven, I mean frozen s'more, in the form of Dominique Ansel's cream-filled decadence. The creator of the cronut and founder of his namesake bakery in Soho, NYC is also known for his chocolate chip cookie shots, but these frozen s'mores are next level greatness impaled on a stick. And those sticks aren't basic too—it's made of willow wood that has been applewood-smoked to imbue flavor to the s'more. Ansel has elevated this campfire treat with vanilla custard ice cream coated with feuilletine chocolate wafers, all within a marshmallow that has been blow-torched into golden gooey perfection. Yes, it's that drool-worthy.


Rachel Au, Lifestyle Writer: Doramu from Seoul, Korea

doramu korean restaurant bbq

With Seoul many BBQ joints in Korea, it's hard to go wrong except for certain restaurants that might charge you an arm and a leg just because you're not local. There is, however, one restaurant I wished was here in Malaysia. Read: Pork BBQ served in a tortilla at Doramu (320-3 Omok-ro, Yangcheon-gu), a new-wave Korean barbeque restaurant with some Mexican influence. The other amazing offering they have is grilled marinated pork folded in a sheet of seaweed with spicy herring roe ssamjang. It's probably the only thing that can beat the traditional samgyeopsal in my list of favourite Korean foods. (Yes, I have so many favourites that I categorise them by cuisine type.)


Tan Su Fen, Writer: Little Bao, Hong Kong

#WednesdayWishlist: Drool-worthy eats we wished were available in Malaysia (фото 5)

As much as I love Chinese food, somehow dim sum and steamed buns were never really my jam—until that one fateful meal at Little Bao late last year. No dim sum here, but this tiny corner shop in Central won me over with their fun fusion takes on the traditional steamed buns, or call it their bao-slash-hamburgers if you will. My ideal meal here will start with the smoked eggplant salad as an appetiser, followed by a bao filled with slow-braised pork belly, leek and onion salad, sesame dressing and hoisin ketchup (yum!), and ending it on a sweet note with a Little Bao ice cream sandwich.


Alyssa Lee, Editorial Assistant: The Fat Duck, Berkshire, England

#WednesdayWishlist: Drool-worthy eats we wished were available in Malaysia (фото 6)

After The Fat Duck's six month stint in Melbourne, I was wishing on every star-shaped thing that the great Heston Blumenthal would engage his adventurous spirit and swing by our neck of the woods—obviously, to no avail. Dubbed the Willy Wonka slash Harry Potter of food, Heston has created culinary wonders which have included meat fruit (a dollop of luscious chicken liver parfait disguised as fruits) and 'Sounds of the Sea' (a seafood platter accompanied by oceanic sounds emanating from a seashell hiding an iPod), amongst other marvellous things. I could go on, but Heston, come on; imagine a meat fruit durian. Just sayin'. (I sincerely apologise to all chicken liver and durian hating readers).


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