Tiny babes to total babes: 7 Hottest male Olympians way before Rio

Tiny babes to total babes: 7 Hottest male Olympians way before Rio


Competitions aren't always pretty but this list shows 7 men who have always been and will always be

The Rio 2016 Olympics are well under way but it's not too late to get acquainted with these athletes while they were but tiny champs in the making. 


Tom Daley

From bowl-cuts to bold cuts

Kicking things off, this well-known 2012 bronze medal diver from Great Britain is all hands-on. Sporting skimpy suits while on the job, Daley knows what he's talking about when he helped designer, Stella McCartney redesign his Olympic swimwear to keep all the junk safely in his trunks — much to everyone's relief (or regret).


A photo posted by Tom Daley (@tomdaley1994) on


A photo posted by Tom Daley (@tomdaley1994) on


Jake Dalton

Vaulting into our hearts

God-fearing man and loving husband, Jake Dalton attributes part of his success to having a supportive wife and focusing on faith over fear. Suffering a physical setback and undergoing surgery for a shoulder injury last year, praying through his workouts helped calm the nerves to get back in the competition. No need to jump through hoops to fall in love with this American gymnast.


A photo posted by Jake Dalton (@jake_dalton) on


A photo posted by Jake Dalton (@jake_dalton) on


Chad le Clos

Chad 'Fly Guy' le Clos

In 2012, South American swimmer, Chad le Clos made a splash as he swam past his childhood hero, Michael Phelps to a gold medal in the men's 200m butterfly. This year, the fly guy is swimming with a brave but broken heart as his parents—both fighting cancer—cheer him on towards his three-medal ambition for Rio. We're rooting for this guy.


A photo posted by Chad Le Clos (@chadleclos92) on


A photo posted by Chad Le Clos (@chadleclos92) on


Matheus Santana

Brazil's homeboy

Rio's pride and joy had the nation's hopes riding on his shoulders as he swam in the 4x100m relay. Despite not getting to step onto the podium at the conclusion of the event, Santana's remarkable success in other competitions despite his battle with diabetes proves that he will remain Brazil's homegrown golden boy.




Mitchell Larkin

Of spectacles and spectators

Coming into the Olympics with two gold medals from the 2015 World Championships, Mitchell Larkin is well aware of the target on his back. What he might not be conscious of is the multitude of eyes locked onto that adorable bespectacled face of his. What the world probably does not know, however, is that he dates a fellow World Champion swimmer. Looks like we will all just be watching from afar.




Arthur Nory 

Sorry, not Nory

Hailing from Sao Paolo, full-time gymnast and hunk, Arthur Nory has a smile that could melt the iceberg and save the Titanic. Unsurprisingly, he's been snapped up almost immediately upon arrival at the Olympic Village. Rumours of a budding romance have been sprouting ever since American gymnast, Simone Biles posted an instapic of them both in a cute embrace with the caption, 'My Brazilian boyfriend'. He posted the same picture and titled it 'My US girl'. Consider us peanut butter and jealous.


A photo posted by Arthur Nory (@arthurnory) on


A photo posted by Arthur Nory (@arthurnory) on


Aldo Montano

It's in the blood

His grandfather was a fencer. His father was a fencer. His uncles are fencers. Three generations of Italian pride, the Montano men have won medals at the Olympics since 1936 summer games. Aldo Montano himself has four Olympic medals around his neck; a gold, a silver, and a pair of bronze ones. No speculation needed to conclude that the dashing good looks too, are hereditary.


A photo posted by Aldo Montano (@aldomontano) on


A photo posted by Aldo Montano (@aldomontano) on


Who says throwbacks are only for Thursdays.


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