9 Celebrity voices we want on Waze

9 Celebrity voices we want on Waze

Yuna down, more to go

Text: Rachel Au

Image: @ajarinahitomi @visionsthroughmyretina via @yunamusic

Dear Waze, thank you for letting us hear Yuna sing us directions through KL - here’s the rest of our celebrity voices wishlist

Malaysians were ecstatic last week when it was announced that we were getting our first singing voice pack on Waze starring singing sensation Yuna. The collaboration is part of a tie-up with cultured milk brand, Calpis and would most likely be available for a limited time only, as it were with all of the app's previous special celebrity voice packs such as Elvis Presley, Morgan Freeman, Colonel Sanders, Terminator, Darth Vader and C-3P0.

As we all enjoy Yuna's sweet voice telling us to turn right or left (smoothly), here is a list of celebrity voices that we think would be great on Waze in the near future for the app's kind consideration, as well as a snippet of what we think they will sound like.


1. Tom Hiddleston

The dashing English actor may (un)fortunately be off the market, but it doesn't mean he can't be our personal co-driver and give us directions. The English (UK) voice option will never be the same again. 


2. Adele

Just imagine her first words when you turn on the app - "Hello from the other side". Plus, her stint on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke should be proof enough that the singer's one-liners for Waze would be pretty hilarious. 


3. Jared Leto's Joker

As Suicide Squad marches into theatres this August, we can't think of a more fitting occasion to cast Jared Leto as a voice prompt on Waze. Of course, it might sound a little creepy since he'll be playing the Joker.


4. David Beckham

Sure, we all prefer looking at this handsome style icon but there's something about his voice (or accent) that will make him a charming addition to the family of Waze voices.


5. Ellen DeGeneres

Have you seen Finding Dory? That's a good example of how her voice would sound like. Have you watched any of the clips from The Ellen Show? That's a great example of how fun and hilarious the drive with her directions are going to be. 


6. Sheldon Cooper

While this genius scientist may be an annoying passenger in Leonard Hofstadter's car, Sheldon could prove to be an amusing co-pilot in yours as he gives bits of interesting facts during the ride - FYI, we don't guarantee this. 


7. Scarlett Johansson

One word: Her. That sultry voice would definitely ensure a smooth ride. 


8. Jon Snow

This one is for the fans of Game of Thrones - though if this video is any indication of how he might adapt to our modern day lives, we might not reach our destination with his directions.


9. Beyoncé

Imagine Queen Bey directing us through traffic with the melody of her voice - it would almost be like a mini concert in the car.  


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