Murni on Instagram

Murni on Instagram

There are a few things you need to know: 1. I am Mrs Bobby 2. I am Mommy to Little Pahlawan 3. I work at @makchic and @ibufamily

My wee man brought home a wee bird yesterday. It rained suddenly and heavily yesterday and must've knocked off this juvenile bird from its nest. One of our condo's sweeper picked it up and gave it to little pahlawan when he went down with our helper to go to Popo's house. He happily and gently brought it home thinking it would be his pet. No, darling. No. Wild things belong in the wild, I explained to him. We tore up some tissue, gave it some nests I found on the ground from many years ago and put it all in a covered basket placed in a quiet corner for the night. This morning we went downstairs to release it. Be safe little bird.

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