Murni on Instagram

Murni on Instagram

There are a few things you need to know: 1. I am Mrs Bobby 2. I am Mommy to Little Pahlawan 3. I work at @makchic and @ibufamily

Hi . Still here. Busy juggling job, volunteer role and a toddler about to turn 3! My 'new' blog is dormant (thank God I didn't pay for a pro Wix account yet) and plans for Little Pahlawan's birthday party and checking out playschools for him have been put on hold till I find space to breathe. . But tonight, we eat. At home. Home cooked food. Pan fried some chicken chops marinaded with Worcester sauce, a tiny bit of honey and garlic, and made a simple Hainanese sauce with lots of onions and tomatoes to go with it. The other sauce is just simmered down excess marinade and garlic from the frying pan (can you tell we love garlic?). A side of steamed mixed veggies with a little salt. So easy to whip up. . What's for dinner, dreamers?

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