Murni on Instagram

Murni on Instagram

There are a few things you need to know: 1. I am Mrs Bobby 2. I am Mommy to Little Pahlawan 3. I work at @makchic and @ibufamily

I seem to have a new thing for flat laying ingredients before I cook. . . Loved the super fresh ikan kembung I spotted at the supermarket so I just marinated them with salt and tumeric before frying then garnished with coriander and a combo of crispy ginger, garlic and shallots. I know some people detest coriander but I love the aroma and to me, it makes the dish more appetizing. Who's with me? However, I hate having to buy a big bunch of coriander for garnishing and having the rest go to waste hence I'm very generous with it on my dishes. This explains the mountain on the fish. . . The prawns went into some stir fried bean sprouts with garlic then I made the last minute decision to make a chili and onion omelette because I felt like it. . . #simplehomecookedfood

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