Marc Jacobs on Instagram

Marc Jacobs on Instagram

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I first met @cocogm many years ago when her parents @KimletGordon and @ThurstonMoore58 brought her to stay with me at my home in Paris. In Fall/Winter 2003 Juergen Teller photographed Coco and her parents together for our ad campaign. In 2015, @DavidSimsOfficial photographed Coco and her mom for our Fall/Winter 2015 ad campaign. I m so delighted to have Coco be a part of our #ReduxGrunge campaign by Juergen Teller wearing the same look that @HelenaChristensen wore in 1993." @TheMarcJacobs Picture 1: @cocogm photographed by Juergen Teller for #ReduxGrunge Picture 2: @HelenaChristensen in the @PerryEllis Spring 1993 Grunge show

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