Natalie Joos on Instagram

Natalie Joos on Instagram

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Those of you who know me well are aware of my obsession with neuroscience. At one point I actually thought about giving up fashion all together and going back to school. But then I found out I d have to study 5 years of biology before I could even consider anything else in that field and I graciously declined But the academic dream is still alive, so last night I took some baby steps and had my first class in Developmental Psychology at UCLA! I learned 2 things: 1. I can t handwrite for shit anymore!! And 2. Poor Little Albert!!! Anyways, it s never too late to learn, guys. The fastest way to grow old is to deny your brain the rejuvenating benefits of new experiences. My master plan is to never stop exploring, experimenting, reading, traveling and changing careers. By god, life is so fucking short. We should have as many as we possibly can! . #firstdayofschool #ucla #student #attire #outfit #vintage #joostricot #gucci #prada #wishmeluck #nataliejoos #backtoschool

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