Danielle Peita Graham on Instagram

Danielle Peita Graham on Instagram

Mum, Model, Cook, Author and Entrepreneur

The delicious homemade vegetable stock I made for this noodle soup dish is light and so tasty. It is made using the freshest ingredients. I use it as the base for soups, stews and when I stir-fry vegetables. It is essential to have it in your fridge or freezer! As vegetable stock out of a box can be completely unnatural, I started making and freezing my own. This delicious stock brings vegetarian dishes and soups to a whole new level! With home made stock you can control the amount of salt used and there are no preservatives. Hope you get to give it a try! Find the recipe in my cookbook @onthetableathome #onthetableathome #vegetablestock #noodlesoup #meatlessmonday #homecooking #foodilovetomake #lightandhealthy

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