Style crush: Peggy Gou


By Stephanie Boey

Style crush: Peggy Gou

Ask Peggy Gou what her style is and she won’t be able to give you a straight answer. The South-Korean born Berlin-based DJ and producer once told Highsnobiety that describing her style is difficult. She says, “I don’t define my style”, and often dabbles in different aesthetics. Take a look at her Instagram feed and you’ll catch her drift. Amid photographs of her DJ-ing and tearing it up at gigs and music festivals, her pictures also show a strong interest in fashion with some seriously cool OOTD shots. If we were to take a jab at it, we’d best describe her style as striking, eclectic and effortless. She seamlessly goes from a hypebae in an oversized hoodie and sneakers to an ultra feminine lass with a sweetheart neckline and a flowy silhouette. There’s no pinning Peggy to a certain style. And that’s what makes her so cool.

She may not be able to describe her look but we took the liberty of analysing her most recent outfits so you can emulate her signature style. Ahead, seven key styles to note if you’re looking to pick up on her fashion game.

She really likes her coordinates.

Co-ords are really having a moment on the street style scene, too. Pick it up like Peggy with animal print, logomania and adorable motifs.

Say it loud and proud with a statement tee

Peggy Gou speaks her mind. Do the same and spread positive energy with a slogan t-shirt.

And what she doesn’t say with words, she says with her eyes

Or the sunglasses that frame them at least. Peggy resonates with geometrical shapes and angles that complement her oval face.

May OTT colourways light the way

Peggy does not shy away from colour. In her style book, the more the merrier.

Turn that frown upside down

Peggy loves the smiley face. Her official merchandise proudly bears the design and she has also incorporated the motif in her fashion label Kirin which she often wears to official events.

Hit a strike in bowling shirts

The mannish silhouette can fit any frame. Do it like Peggy with oriental animal prints.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Don’t be fooled by her tomboy exterior. Peggy pulls out the plunging V neck when she’s in a fun and flirty mood.

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