Style crush: Ashe


By Stephanie Boey

Style crush: Ashe

The screen name Ashe may not immediately ring a bell, but if you’ve watched the Netlifx film, ‘To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You’, chances are you may know her biggest hit. Her 2019 single ‘Moral of the Story’ was used in the February 2020 film—a melodious and upbeat take on the end of a relationship.

Born Ashlyn Rae Wilson in San Jose, California. The influence of the sunshine state is very much observed in her carefree, happy-go-lucky and ’60s-inspired style, which goes hand-in-hand with her golden, blonde hair and chill Cali vibes. One look at her Instagram and you’re greeted with yellow-filtered snapshots that depict her eclectic vintage style. Usually clad in high-waisted stonewashed jeans and colourful hues, her bubbly demeanour and optimism is incredibly infectious.

Below, 8 ways you can steal her sunny Californian style

1) Pick a signature colour, and own it

Ashe loves to wear yellow. And her sunny disposition and golden hair perfectly complements it.

2) When it comes to colours, the more the merrier

The Californian native doesn’t shy away from colour. In fact, she embraces it with her bright and multicoloured ensembles.

3) Break out the tie-dye

Happy days, hippie daze. Nothing screams ‘Peace, bro’ louder than a T-shirt dipped in tie-dye.

4) Master the art of layering

In Ashe’s case, pinafore dresses are her go-to. Pair a ‘60s style minidress with a ribbed turtleneck for a mod beatnik approach.

5) Know when to turn it up a notch

On her dressier days, Ashe resonates with masculine silhouettes and oversized jackets. We’re getting major Diane Keaton in ‘Annie Hall’ vibes.

6) Invest in a good pair of jeans

Ashe’s wide-leg stonewashed jeans are a true classic and fit her perfectly. Find the cut that works best for you and make it your staple denim look.

7) Trust in the power of the stripe

Thick or thin, this type of print can easily be assimilated into any wardrobe. Ashe follows her second rule and gets down with colourful, bold lines.

8) A T-shirt speaks a thousand words

Pledge allegiance to your favourite pop culture icons with a fan tee. Ashe speaks her truth with The Golden Girls.

9) Don’t forget to accessorise

Sunglasses are a must for any Californian native. Ashe and brightly coloured tinted frames make the perfect pair.

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