The best #OOTDs from KLFW 2018 you need to see

The best #OOTDs from KLFW 2018 you need to see

Fashion favourites

Text: Stephanie Boey

Image: Shafiq Shahar
Image: Ezzati Amira
Image: Aina Syahirah
Image: Julie Anne Kang
Image: Fyza Kadir
Image: Awal Ashaari
Image: Neelofa
Image: Dahlia Nadirah
Image: Ung Yiu Lin
Image: Kavita Sidhu
Image: Ain Edruce
Image: Juliana Evans

Recover from Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2018 with a look at some of the best outfits seen thus far

Back for its sixth year running, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2018 took over the streets of KL with an influx of impeccably dressed celebrities, influencers, industry insiders and fashion enthuasists. If you took a stroll along Jalan Bukit Bintang or happened to be in the Golden Triangle, you'd catch the colourful scene of #OOTDs. Malaysia's sweethearts Nur Fazura and Fattah Amin complemented each other looks in maroon and red, vinyl jacket on him and a matching belt for her (Sidenote: This is how to match with your S/O without going OTT—wear similar colours from the the same root family). Acting pair Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari showed up in relaxed silhouettes, while founder of Solek Cosmetics, Dahlia Nadirah flaunted her baby bump in a chequered number by Ezzati Amira with musician husband Loque by her side in his signature eclectic style. Watch out, Kimye! Kavita Sidhu dressed her tall figure in an ocean-blue denim jumpsuit by Afiq M while Neelofa looked red-hot in a flaming three-piece suit by Gucci. Swipe below for our other favourite looks from the week: