Let these street style mavens show you how to combat the heat in style

Let these street style mavens show you how to combat the heat in style

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Text: Joan Kong

Image: IMaxtree

From playing with colours to layering up, there’s no reason to go down the lazy route when it comes to dressing up in our tropical weather

Imagine this: you're heading out to meet your friends and the sun is blazing—the easiest way out is to opt for T-shirt and shorts, right? While we love to be comfortable on our day off as much as the next person, one thing's for sure: there are definitely more stylish ways to keep cool in our tropical weather, and all it takes is just that bit more effort. Take a style cue from these street style stars who embraced the warmer climate in an array of head-turning looks, and tune up your style ante in this heat with these five tips:


Keep it simple

If minimalism is your thing, embrace it and opt to incorporate subtle details for added interest—whether it's in the form of flared silhouettes or a sporty piece for that hint of athleisure flair. Alternatively, if you're all for bold hues, fuss-free pieces à la look 4's shirtdress is the way to go. We love how Jeanne Damas (look 3) finishes off her top-and-jeans look with simple yet eye-catching accessories.


Play with colours

Whether you're adding a pop of bright or metallic colour to your monochrome look, or colour clash with contrasting hues, you can always count on any shade of the rainbow to amplify your ensemble. Take notes from look 1 by incorporating all the girly hues for work, with red lips to boot. 


Pump up the volume

Lazy dressing 101: pair your plain separates with notice-me pieces and you're good to go. Case in point: the ladies in look 1, 3 and 4 opted for ruffles and puffed shoulders to give their plain tops and jeans that spruce-me-up. But if your closet has not been updated with the latest trends, stick to the classic print-on-print route like look 2 with loud motifs for a more-is-more finish.  


Sheer sexiness

The boudoir dressing is still in trend, and these stylistas are here to prove it. From slinky cami tops to slip dresses, don't be afraid to flaunt some skin. Look 1's Vanessa Hong accessorised her semi see-through piece with an easy-breezy straw bag and too-cool-for-school sunglasses, while look 6 juxtaposed her lace outfit with a rugged denim outerwear styled off the shoulder. 


Layer up

We know the last thing you'd want to do in this hot and humid weather is to layer up, but trust us when we say that it's possible to pile on the pieces without feeling the heat. A lightweight parka and bandanna gives the full-black get-up in look 2 that notice-me factor, and the jeans-under-shirtdress trend spotted in look 3 and 6 is a refreshing way to add interest.